You Should Never, Ever Drive This Recklessly In Traffic

There is no other way to put it: This is the most reckless drift video I've ever seen outside the Arabian Peninsula.


It's in traffic. In Europe. In an M5. Insane. And idiotic.

The driver, Giorgi Tevzadze, is from Georgia, a small Eastern European country that was in the Soviet Union. He is also apparently a nutjob with no concern for anybody's safety around him.


How he doesn't crash into every single person in this town is beyond me. Even though he doesn't, this is still monumentally stupid. The video says not to try this at home. In fact, here's the disclaimer:

We(including the driver) agree that driving on public roads like that is terribly dangerous and can lead to the worst consequences! so please DO NOT TRY TO DO what you see in this video! We are not going to race in streets like these anymore! But still this is a very beautifull video!!!

Yes, it is incredibly exciting. No, it's not smart. No, they should never do it again.

(Hat Tip to Brian!)

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"He is also apparently a nutjob with no concern for anybody's safety around him."

Now that's just not fair. Nutjob, maybe, but just because it seems dangerous to you doesn't mean the driver doesn't take other people's safety into mind.

Alex Roy, who's name you could recognize from that Drive channel Jalopnik fucking loves, drove at 180MPH down the highway... I KNOW there are TONS of people here who would call that reckless. And, hell, he probably passed a car doing that. A few, at least. He still made it clear in his book, he couldn't stomach the thought of a car ending another's life. But he knew what he was doing, so he knew the cars he passed weren't in that much danger.

Also, how about the guys in the Ken Block videos? That monkey that hopped off the latter? Epic Meal Time? I'm sure there was concern for their safety. But Ken Block knows what he's doing. So he'll still drift around them, even though that looks dangerous.

So... point is, yes, I understand it's fun to pretend these people are the scum of the earth, and to insult them and make yourself feel smarter than they are. The reality is you don't fucking know them.