If Ferrari Doesn't Approve Of Your Design Their Lawyers Will Make Your Website Disappear

When photos of the "Ferrari 770 Daytona" showed up last week from tuning house Milano Torino we made it clear we were skeptical. If you want to make a retro Ford Thunderbird on a Mustang platform have at thee, but try to make your own Ferrari and they'll slap that shit down faster than you can say "Glickenhaus" as Ferrari's lawyers have just made clear to us.


As you can see from the photoshop below, the design team at Milano Torino (maybe just one guy with a MacBook) took a Ferrari F12berlinetta and made it look like a Ferrari Daytona, even though they claimed it was going to be based off a 612 or 599.

It was so unserious that we mostly balked at the suggestion that Pininfarina or Fioravanti would aid with creating it or that they'd use them to "file for an official approval."

Our skepticism is well-founded as Ferrari made clear they aren't going to approve any of it. Here's a statement from Ferrari's attorney:

- Ferrari never authorized Milano Torino to design a car named Ferrari 770 Daytona, nor to use its trademarks,
- Ferrari asked and obtained to take down the website matrix911.wix.com/milantorino.


That's right, they made the company's entire (admittedly terrible) website go away, not just the one car that looked vaguely like an older Ferrari.

You'll remember even though James Glickenhaus had Pininfarina make him a Ferrari P4/5, when he decided to race a Ferrari F430-based car it was just called the P4/5 Compteizione.


Not like we entirely blame them. When you can get Eric Clapton to pay $4.7 million for a custom Ferrari 458 that normally costs 1/20th of the price it's important to protect your intellectual property.

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