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This Is Eric Clapton's Custom $4.7 Million Ferrari

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Eric Clapton's one-off Ferrari SP-12 is finished, and it looks fantastic. It has the guts of a 458 Italia, but the body is Pininfarina's interpretation of what a modern-day 512 Berlinetta Boxer should look like.


We've seen images of the car before, but Pininfarina has finally released a few more official images. It looks like the sex.

Unfortunately, the famous guitarist's $4.7 million custom Ferrari retains the 458's original V8 engine. Sigh. We were hoping they'd pay a bit more homage to the 512 and stuff a V12 in there.


I mean, this is Eric Clapton we're talking about here. If he could afford to get a team of world class body designers to custom build an original Ferrari based upon his exact tastes, why couldn't he throw in an extra mil for a bigger mill?

Wait, I know why. He must want to use it as a daily driver. The V8 is undoubtedly better on gas.


(Hat tip to Alex!)

Photo credit: Pininfarina