Listen To Eric Clapton's $4.7 Million Custom Ferrari Sing

A clever onlooker with a discreetly placed camera managed to capture this first video of the Ferrari SP12, a.k.a Eric Clapton's one-off $4.7 million Boxer tribute, in motion.


In a white dealership, with a red Ferrari…

That V8 from the Ferrari 458 Italia sure sounds great, doesn't it? A V8. Not a V12.


Built by Ferrari's dream-making team, the SP12 is based on the Ferrari 458 but mimics the Ferrari 512 boxer. We'd heard it was extremely costly, but now Schmee150 is putting the price at around £3 million, or $4.75 million for a car that originally costs mid-$250,000.

Ferrari may never actually confirm the number, but based on what we've heard it's not an insane guess.

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Eric Clapton's gonna feel pretty silly when he realizes they put the steering wheel on the wrong side.