We're Skeptical Of The One-Off Ferrari 770 Daytona

This is a rendering of the retro Ferrari 770 Daytona, designed for exotic car tuning house Milano Torino. Despite the appearance of the official Photoshop, it will not be built off an F12berlinetta. It might not be built off of anything.


We're not exactly enamored with Milano Torino's other creations seen on their difficult-to-Google and slightly terrible website matrix911.wix.com/milantorino. Wait, is this design on their page just a photoshop? It appears so.

Continuing the slightly sketchy design theme, Milano Torino showed off the above photoshop, which clearly shows a Ferrari F12berlinetta. However, on Milano Torino's website, they claim the car will either be based off of a 612 Scaglietti or a 599. Design work will be done by Evren Milano and "either PininFarina S.P.A. or Fioravanti S.P.A. Milano Torino goes on to say that "thru [sic] these companies we can file for an official approval."

Given that the company only shows off two real-life cars on their website, we want to see a bit more of a confirmation from Ferrari or Pininfarina before we get too excited about this 770 Daytona.

UPDATE: Yeah for skepticism! Ferrari has disappeared the unapproved design. Here's a statement from their lawyer:

- Ferrari never authorized Milano Torino to design a car named Ferrari 770 Daytona, nor to use its trademarks,
- Ferrari asked and obtained to take down the website matrix911.wix.com/milantorino.

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