Nice Price Or Crack PipeIs this used car a good deal? You decide!  

They say you’ve got to fake it until you make it. Nothing says you’ve made it like a Bentley, and today’s Nice Price or Crack Pipe Continental R replica will let you fake that social attainment like nobody’s business. That is, if its price isn’t too rich for your blood.

Volkswagen’s Scirocco is named after a hot African wind. and yesterday a clean 1985 Wolfsburg edition blew into town. That Tornado Red coupe really kicked up some dust, but with a 60% Crack pipe loss, its price proved too high for most of you to want to take it for a spin.

Man there sure are a lot of Cher impersonators out there - and they all seem to be dudes! I mean, talk about your tuck and roll. Pretending to be what we’re not is something we’ve probably all done in our lives, especially when we were kids.


There’s nothing wrong with role play, nor fantasy, and who doesn’t love the thought of - if only for a short time - stepping out of their every-day life and into one that’s more exciting? Now with this 1991 Bentley Continental R replica, you can play let’s pretend everyday.

The real Continental R was offered by the marque from 1991 through 2003 and was based on the Turbo R sedan. The massive coupe was a Bentley exclusive - Rolls Royce sitting that dance out - and at its debut was the most expensive production car… in the world. The two and a half ton two-door featured a 6.75-litre turbocharged V8 behind its flying B and a GM 4L80-E 4-speed automatic gearbox to get the power to the back wheels.


This one doesn’t have any of that. Nope, none of it. It does sort of look the part however. Well kind of. I’m guessing that’s Chrysler Sebring underneath all the Bentley-esque fiberglass. Or maybe it’s a Pontiac? The engine does look like the GM 3.1. Whatever it is, it most certainly didn’t originate in Crewe.

The drivetrain is said to be a FWD V6/autotragic, and while the under-hood visage and shifter belie the Bentley-ness, the rest of the car tries to maintain the charade. The body is a little more squat than the real deal - which itself was pretty low for Bentley - and the fiberglass is wonky in a few places. You can get a better idea of that on this weird Romanian site.


The interior too is a mad mix of effort with a bunch of planks of differing types of wood, and VDO gauges as well as stiched leather. Some of the latter is pooching out on the driver’s door, very un-Bentley-esque. There’s also what look like a pair of Dodge Daytona back seats in the back. In fact, the whole interior of this car is messing with my mind. Impersonation will tend to do that.

The ad says that the car runs and drives great, and that the original kit cost fifteen grand. That ad is also on the Atlanta Craigslist, however the car sports California plates and the pics look a little coastal to me so there’s that too. I’m not even going to go into the wildly inventive tail lights.


The seller’s first salvo over the bow was a Benjamin shy of that original kit’s cost, but he’s now lowered it a bit to $12,500. You’re going to have to weigh in on whether he needs to keep on going downtown with it. What do you think, is Continental camouflage worth $12,500? Or, are you not even going to pretend that twelve-five is a reasonable asking price?

You decide!


Atlanta Craigslist, or go here if the ad disappears.

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