For $9,000, This 1978 Toyota Celica GT Is A Blue Plate Special

Nice Price Or Crack PipeIs this used car a good deal? You decide!

Today's Nice Price or Crack Pipe Celica is claimed to be a survivor. Whether its price will survive your scrutiny is another story.

The Walter White puns flowed rich yesterday, and at twenty-nine hundred bucks, the 1980 VW Camper's mobile Meth Lab-ability proved to be a compelling factor in its 81% Nice Price win.


The only potential downside to that portable place to put your feet up is that when you get to your destination you're pretty much stuck there. That is, unless you are willing to pull up stakes every time you need to head to the five and dime because you forgot beer or toilet paper.

That's the bane of many an RV'er, however a few have figured it out and actually gravy-train a small car or truck behind their motorhome for just such necessary excursions. That's just such the life that is said to have been lived by today's 1978 Toyota Celica GT.


Now, imagine if you were a car like this, most of your life spent staring at the ass-end of of some honking-big RV. You never know where you were going or ever get to see the sights along the way. The only time you'd even get to stretch your engine's legs would be once at a destination where you might be called upon to run to the store or perhaps a local giant ball of string or something.


That's no life for a car, and it's good to see that this little Toyota has been freed from its shackles. It's also good to see it being in such amazingly clean condition as you'd think spending a lot of miles being jerked around by an RV would wear on a car to the point it might be dragging its balls.

In fact, this Celica coupe looks factory fresh, a remarkable achievement considering that the black rubber bumpers on these cars tended to corrupt from the smog within a couple of years, and the fish scale metallic paint would follow down that path shortly thereafter.


The ad describes this one as mint, but I would more accurately call the color more of a gold. It's a '70s dark gold, a solid gold, as it were. That's a color that's not all that common today, but that looks just right on this old school Japanese pony.


These were Toyota's brand-makers in the '70s and were the first production cars designed by the company's California-Based CALTY design studios. The styling was far cleaner than the first generation, but does look a little dull today.

This one's not just clean, but is kitted as you would like, with the standard 96-horse SOHC 20R four being backed up by a 5-speed stick. The ad says that when not towed behind an RV the Celica was stored in a garage, and that even the ancient R12 A/C works just fine.


The price for this 72,000 mile time capsule is $9,000, and I'd like for you now to weigh in on whether that seems like a fair deal or not. What do you think, does this clean as a bean Celica looks like it could command nine grand? Or, is that just too much eye of the tiger for this survivor?


You decide!


SF Bay Area Craigslist, or go here if the ad disappears

H/T to David B for the hookup!

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