Nice Price Or Crack PipeIs this used car a good deal? You decide!

Today's Nice Price or Crack Pipe VW Camper goes the Westfalia one better by being way more of a home-away-from-home. You'll have to decide if that, and its price, makes this custom a best-falia.

While it did sport an unfortunate and awkward roof wing, yesterday's 1977 Lotus Esprit didn't really have a wing and a prayer when it came to its seemingly exorbitant price. Sure enough, when it all blew over, the modded Brit fell in a decisive 92% Crack Pipe loss. With that big a repudiation, you might think the seller might want to head off for some alone time and perhaps rethink his pricing strategy.


What better vehicle to do so in than today's 1980 VW Camper.

Volkswagen has long been a purveyor of mobile overnight stays, what with their Westfalia-modded buses, but few of those would be considered something that you might actually live in for an extended period of time, say until your parent's basement dries out or your significant other cools down.

This custom camper does the full RV thing, turning the Westfalia meme up to eleven. It has a loft bed, fridge, sink, stove, dinette, and flower-power sheets. It even has a closeted commode for when you feel the need to take the browns to the super bowl, but aren't too particular about the location of the venue.


Rocking white on corrugated white on the outside, this Vanagon-based camper is said to have been totally renovated on the inside, in full hippie. The ad says that everything works, and that the truck drives AWESOME.


This being a 1980 model that awesome driving is brought to you by way of a 2-litre fuel injected engine offering up 67-bhp. From the looks of the interior shots, that's fronted by a 4-speed manual - yep, this is one of those rare stick-shift motorhomes.

How much extra weight is that drivetrain pushing? Who knows, but this is a Vanagon, so it's going to be slow no matter what. That's just how these things are meant to be, unless of course, you throw a turbo Subie mill back there, or maybe something by Porsche.


The seller says that he's already spent $1,200 making the camper driveable, so perhaps such dreams of high-speed housing should wait. What we can't wait on is your opinion as to this custom camper's $2,900 price tag. That get's you not just a car but a house, leaving just the driveway in which to park it up in the air.


What do you think, is $2,900 a good deal for so well equipped a custom camper? Or, for that price, is this a recreational vehicle that you'd have to be on recreational drugs to buy?

You decide!


St. George Craigslist, or go here if the ad disappears.

H/T to Murph for the hookup!

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