For $700, Screw You OPEC!

Nice Price Or Crack PipeIs this used car a good deal? You decide!

As gas prices continue to climb, one might be compelled to switch to a mode of transportation that's both more basic and more frugal. You can't get much more basic and frugal than today's Nice Price or Crack Pipe GoPed Scooter. But will its price make this a No-ped?

Okay, so the audience for a 1972 VW Squareback limo is very, very very limited, and the fact that this one cost nearly thirteen grand made it's appeal only about 40% worth. The remaining 60% of you giving it a Crack Pipe loss, and registering a level of discomfort over its lack of A/C. I promise today's candidate, while also lacking adjustable climate control, will likely be no sweat.


With a stand-up scooter, you'll not just see savings in your wallet over traditional modes of transportation, but should you be a hemorrhoid sufferer, you'll also appreciate the grimace-free driving position. And should you have both roid rage and a penchant for indecisiveness, then you'll be glad to know that GoPed offers a plethora of models from which to choose.

But day-um, seventeen hunnert for a scooter? You could buy something with a top speed over thirty for that kind of cash. Thing of it is, you needn't. This wildly custom - I mean like bling-bling, don't worry ladies, there's plenty of me to go around kinds of awesomeness - GoPed is also but a fraction of the cost of new.


Featuring a Chung Yang 28.9-cc 3.5-horse powerhouse of a motor - also applicable to large scale RC car use - this GoPed is appropriately rear-wheel drive. That means you can kick it in the corners and of course if drifting is your sport of choice then this your ride.

But that's far from all. The seller, who is apparently so humble that he refers to himself in the lower case, notes that the CY29 has benefitted from the following mods- ported head, 38-mm stroker crank, center bleed exhaust and a Walbro 668 butterfly carb. He says all that conspires to provide an extra 2 - 5 horsepower, which of course means this.


There's plenty of show to accompany that phenomenal go, and should you have previously struck out with both the opposite sex and restaurant valets (but for different reasons) then the red fusion deck, chrome Bothy forks, and Bothy brakes - which make stopping a real option - will improve your odds. The scooter also has an honest to FSM clutch so that when you do stop you won't have to hold a reverse wheelie. Unless of course you're totes into that.


So, with gas prices now teabagging four bucks and heading ever higher, a lot of people are going to be looking at ways to minimize that expense- parking that Porsche, and tossing in the towel on the Tundra. That usually means that Geo Metros start coming out of the woodwork, appearing on eBay for multiple thousands of dollars. The 40MPG-plus those cars offer is a significant boost over the average octane omnivore, but they're nowhere near as efficient as a GoPed, and this one is a hell of a lot cooler than something forever associated with Ned Flanders.

And it's cheaper too. The seller - perhaps again reflecting his humility - is asking but $700 for his custom scooter. And that's after an admission of over a grand invested. That being said, his opinion isn't what matters here. Yours however does. What do you think, does $700 for this custom GoPed mean go ahead? Or, does that price mean you'd rather walk?


You decide!


Hartford Craigslist or go here if the ad disappears.

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