For $12,500, VW Squareback Limo, That Is All

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Nice Price Or No DiceIs this used car a good deal? You decide!

If the VW Vortex was a high school, and they had a prom, what would be the coolest way to get there? The answer may be today's Nice Price or Crack Pipe Squareback limo, that is of course unless its price imeans the party's over.


While it's a common admonition that you don't mess with Texas a sizable 69% (heh, heh, sixty nine) of you wouldn't mind messing with yesterday's Texican Mitsubishi Starion at its sub-six grand asking price. Those bad boys are getting scarce as chicken molars, but if you want to go really rare how about a VW Squareback party car?


Proms, weddings, funerals, bat-mizvahs, there's just so many uses for a limo, and if you happen to be a VW fanatic who is getting: lucky, married, buried, or are up to bat, then you might just want to do so in this 1972 stretched squareback. Offered up in San Diego this Type 3's dachshund-ification looks professionally done, and in fact there don't seem to be any real weird aspects to it, other than the fact that it's just really weird.

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Sporting burgundy paint and a vinyl-wrapped roof -more than proving it's classy as fuck - this limo attempts to rival VW's own Bus not just in passenger capacity but in number of windows. Most of those in the back are appropriately heavily tinted so your limo libations or other wildly fun but socially questionable activities may remain discreet. The lair where all that may go down is awash in red and grey velour and there of course is a bar and old-school entertainment center. Keeping Jeeves stale hired help farts from wafting back and harshing your mellow is an electrically-operated glass partition between the front and rear.

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Powering this ridiculously long Vee Dub is what is claimed to be a 15,000-mile 2-litre Porsche motor that's been visited by the chrome fairy. They don't say whether that's the 100-horse O-series six cylinder from a 901, or a more modern 2.0 from the 912E, which put out only 86-ponies. I'm guessing it's the latter - which ironically is a VW mill - as I'm not sure that the Porsche six would even fit in the Squareback engine bay. If you know otherwise, let me know in the comments.

Whether there's four or six pots back there making this limo go, they send their power through an automatic gearbox - appropriate for the sedate motoring to which a limo aspires, but still a feature that might make walking a more expeditious choice.

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This isn't the first dance for this VW limo, it having been offered up back in 2009 for an eyeball-popping $30K. That was a price that even the rabid Volkswagen cultists on the Samba thought made the seller seem not just viewing his chances through rose-colored glasses, but the whole damn New Year's Day Pasadena parade. Also, the pics in the ad are timestamped from that same era, when the car looked fresh. One wonders if it has seen significant use as a livery since then and now shows both the wear and the unmistakable stench of hookers and blow that are inherent therein.


Even if it does, the current ad is a little more realistic in pricing, coming in at $12,500. Of course, whether or not that price now limbos under the Nice Price bar is why we're all here today. So, if you are ready, what do you think of that $12,500 price for this unique VW limo? Does that make it prom worthy? Or, is that price too much of a stretch?

You decide!


Phoenix Craigslist or go here if the ad disappears.

H/T to SpeedLimitless for the hookup!

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No... Just no...

The modern version of what people refer to as a "limo" is fucking retarded anyway. I'm tired of (speaking in a dirty Teen Mom trailer trash voice) "stratch Hummers", "stratch Bentleys", "stratch Sclades", "stratch Chargers", and all the other cheaply made bullshit that they try and pass off as luxurious limousine. Let's also not forget the final nail in the coffin of the limousine known as "the partay bus"!

I refuse to use one of these pieces of crap! What happend to being seen in a truly hand-crafted rolling piece of coachwork? A real limousine made with the finest of materials? A limousine needs to start with the finest cars available, give them a SLIGHTLY longer wheel base to accomodate a little more room in the back, and most of all they need to be made BETTER than what they start out as. Not worse!

I would rather be drivin in a standard Rolls Royce, or even a standard Chrysler 300C Executive Edition, rather then be driven in some overly stretched monstrosity of a 57 Chevy, Corvette, or a used city bus with carpet and a stripper pole!

I would even rather buy this for my money: