Nice Price Or Crack PipeIs this used car a good deal? You decide!

Today's Nice Price or Crack Pipe NSX - yes, that's an NSX - is claimed to be a former SEMA show car. That may be true, but you'll still need to decide if this custom wide body is worth showing up for with its asking price.

Not unexpectedly, yesterday's wild custom 2009 Corvette Z06 took away some praise for its audacious presentation, but it also took home an 84% Crack Pipe loss for its one hundred and fifteen thousand dollar price. I don't think - and some of the comments back this up - that the car isn't worth something in that neighborhood, but it's just hard to comprehend a car that costs as much as a house in many of our own neighborhoods.


Let's consider a celebrity that just happens to be damn good looking, say a George Clooney or a Jennifer Lawrence. Both of those are dreamy in their own ways, but let's additionally say that we dress either of them up in a big-ass chicken suit. It's a really tough-looking chicken suit, but regardless, it is a large, be-wattled chicken suit that the very donning of saps the innate dignity and attractive nature of its wearer.

I wanted to put that image in your mind as preparation for today's 1996 Acura NSX, as this car wears its own sort of chicken suit, in the form of a Veilside wide body kit in all hallows day appropriate orange and black. Oh, and it also sports a Comptech supercharger. It's the great pumped-up pumpkin, Charlie Brown!


Okay, this is going to be a little confusing so please bear with me- or bare with me if you want to do NPOCP-Gone Wild, I'm easy. As is frequently the case with classified fishermen, this NSX is being offered in multiple places, and at multiple prices. Thankfully, most vehicle sellers typically lack either the creativity or the energy to make their ads all that different so a quick Google search of a salient aspect can bring you to all the other ads - fun tip!

In this car's case, that means a Craigslist ad - here - where the car is offered for $69,000, and an eBay ad that expired yesterday where the car comes with a Buy It Now of $57,500. Expired or not, we're going with the fifty-seven five.


What do you get for that? Well, as noted, the base car is a 1996 model which has been dolled up with a Veilside wide body kit that gives it a look that's eerily reminiscent of a Saleen S7, and panel gaps that would make supermodels' thighs envious.


The black over orange paint looks pretty good, again if Halloween is your favorite holiday - and it is, Mr. Manson, isn't it? The basketweave wheels are painted a darker shade of pumpkin to contrast with the body and the act has the Veilside headlamp units and not the more common Celica units.


Oddly, the various pics in the eBay ad show the car with both a beige and custom black and orange interior. The expectation is that the car has the latter at this time. It also has 67,000 miles but there's no work on how many of those are pre- or post Comtech supercharger installation. The gearbox for all those mile however is a five-speed manual.

Okay, there's always a fly in the ointment, a monkey in the wrench, a Danny Bona-douchebag in the chicken suit and in the case of this NSX that is a salvage title. Now, if you were planning on messing with success and making a show car for SEMA - the Mustang Ranch of car shows - then I guess that is the best way to go. Now that it's being offered for street duty however, I don't know.


I also don't know about that $57,500 price tag, but luckily that's what I have you here for. What you need to now do is help me out and decide if this custom NSX is worth that kind of scratch. What do you think, is this SEMA shower worth that shower of cash? Or, does that price make this seller a SEMA dreamer'?

You decide!


eBay (among others), or go here if the ad disappears.

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