Nice Price Or Crack PipeIs this used car a good deal? You decide!  

You don't bring a knife to a gunfight, and if you want to topple the supercharged Corvette ZR1 you better come equally prepared. Today's Nice Price or Crack Pipe Z06 is packing it own blower, but will its price shoot down your enthusiasm?

Finding focus in your life is a good thing, as it provides direction and stability. Finding a V8 Focus in your life is an even better thing because it's probably more fun than getting an ass groper's discount at the Hooters.

Yesterday's 2000 Ford flight of fancy looked to be that much of a hoot, but unfortunately for its seller, you all focused in on its price, dunning that with a massive 84% Crack Pipe loss. Sad times indeed, but perhaps that little rocket failed to provide the necessary visual punch to its performance.

Now, if you want punch, I mean really, really want punch, today's custom blown 2009 Corvette Z06 is like a party bowl spiked full of Mike Tyson.


I'm going to go out on a limb here and admit that I really don't like the styling of the new C7 Corvette. I mean, I've driven the 7-speed car on the track and it's an amazing ride, but DAY-UM that Hot Wheels body is a bored 8th grader's ludicrous notebook doodle.

Fortunately for the fine folks at GM, the Corvette is priced far outside of my pay grade so Chevy will never have to worry about that one 'Vette with my name on it gathering dust on the lot due to my having chosen something more aesthetically pleasing.


Of course, I wouldn't mind a ridiculous supercharged C6 Z06 like this one.

The hood on this 'Vette makes the car look like some sort of Toucan but there's nothing bird-like about the rest of the car. As you will recall the C6 Z06 is Loki to the ZR1's Thor and represented Chevy's attempt to lighten the load for the massive 7-litre LS7 V8 powering the beast.


Along with less there of course is more, and that means carbon fiber front fenders that are unique to the model, and a set of aft of the door ducts for helping the back brakes keep their cool. It should be noted that as part of the weight watchers program the Z06 lost the ability to flip its lid, the coupes being fixed roof only.

This one ups the ante by adding a Magnuson twin scroll to the valley of the kings, and that, according to the good folks at Magnuson, provides and added 130-whp to the car. The LS7 started out with 505 at the crank so that would be more, now wouldn't it? The ad notes that the work enbiggening the pony count was professionally handled.

The engine didn't just get a fancy new hat, it's also claimed to have been strengthened internal so as not to bust a nut the first time you put your foot into it. Along with that it gets an uprated clutch and flywheel, plus 20-inch wheels upon which are mounted some seriously skinny rubber.


The end result should be a car that - should you master it - would be very entertaining to drive. However, until you learn how to manage its reins, it'll remain a spectacularly scary one. It should be noted that the Magnuson supercharger is 50-state approved so there's no worry of the CARB joking about nuking it form orbit or anything.

Aside from the monumental set of hairy balls mounted under the hood and the wheels, this looks to be a pretty nice and stock Z06. Being only 4 years old and with less than 6K on the clock, it should be. Still features like Chevy's infotainment system, power everything and the C6's fairly decent looking cockpit have all got to be seen as plusses here.


However, what might be seen as a minus is this Custom Vette's price. The seller is asking an eye watering $115,000 of this red rocket, and damn yeah, that's not chump change. Yes it comes with a trophy, and yes these bad boys would vampire your wallet to the tune of the high five figures from the dealer, but still that's a lot of cabbage. But is it too much?

What do you think about spending $115,000 for this gnarly Z06? Is that in line with the mods that have gone into it? Or, does this blown Vette come with a price that also blows?

You decide!


Portland OR Craigslist, or go here if the ad disappears.

H/T to Civardi for the hookup!

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