For $5,300, This 1978 Dodge Colt Is A Different Kind of Revolver

Nice Price Or Crack PipeIs this used car a good deal? You decide!

The original imported Dodge Colt was a good fit for Dodge's lineup as it sported a hemi-headed four. Today's Nice Price or Crack Pipe '78 Colt might get drummed out of the club as it rocks a rotary, but will its price drum up a quick sale?

If you look at the Cadillac of today you might think that the last thing the brand's advocates would want to do is admit a lineage back to cars such as yesterday's custom 1976 Fleetwood Castilian wagon.


That huge custom wagon barged in with in tow a price that was equally gigantic. The result was a 55% Crack Pipe loss for the price, and a general interest in knowing whether this car's size affects tides and satellite orbits. Of course if you're familiar with the phrase 'go big or go home,' then you'll perhaps note that this Caddy can do both.

Now, in the immortal words of Steve Martin,let's get small.


Hey look, I didn't plan for this week to start out all seventies, but that's just how the dice rolled. We're staying in the dumb-ass decade today, but we're going down a few dress sizes from yesterday with this little beaut'- a 1978 Dodge Colt that rocks a Mazda mill.

The Colt first appeared in Dodge's lineup in late 1970 as a '71 model. Imported from Chrysler's Japanese partner Mitsubishi, the little cars were a quick fix for the brand which didn't have a home-grown small car to compete with the likes of the Vega, Pinto or the surging import brands.


The first two generations of Colt were based on Mitsubishi's Galant platform while the third split the models between a larger Galant Sigma-based wagon, and smaller, Lancer (not Lancet)-based two- and four-door cars. While the earlier cars could be had with the hemi-head Aston 4G52, the top motor in these smaller cars was the 1.6-litre 4G32, an 88-horse SOHC four that was tuned for mileage, not mayhem.


This deep orange coupe has sent that Mitsu mill packing and in its place is a 13B rotary, late of some sort of Mazda, I'm guessing an RX7. The ad is light on details, but it does note that the car also has rear discs, which were not a factory option.


Other info that can be gleaned from the less-is-more ad is that the car runs great, has a stick, and is clean inside and out. The seller avers that you should come to Philly and check it out. If you were so inclined to do so you might get a look at the interior, which is masked in the pics by window tint darker than a politician's soul.

You might also ask the seller about the wheels (meh), how easy it is to remove the window stickers, and where he got the bumpers as the car is fitted with skinny blades and not the big 5-mph rams that were required when it was new. While there, ask him about the price too, which is $5,300, obo. I think that means overwhelming body odor, so eww.


What do you think about this Colt revolver and its $5,300 price? Is that something that should have a new owner in this Colt's saddle soon? Or, does that make you say no bucking way?

You decide!


Philadelphia Craigslist, or go here if the ad disappears.

H/T to pj134 over on Hooniverse for the hookup!

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