Nice Price Or Crack PipeIs this used car a good deal? You decide!  

Heads up, today’s Nice Price or Crack Pipe Brat is being sold by a fellow Jalop-in-Arms, so let’s be nice. Not too nice however, as we still need to know if his price is batty rather than Bratty.

Hey guess what, yesterday’s weird-ass water Jeep didn’t generally float your boats. Its price also proved to be less than ship shape, sinking that custom whatever-it-was in a decisive 83% Crack Pipe loss. You may think it’s expensive now, but when the ice caps melt, you’ll be wishing you’d bought it. You’ll also be wishing you weren’t in this terrible movie called Waterworld.

Today we’re going to stick to dry land. Well, semi-dry as our contender hails from the Big Easy, a city, and a region, that is being inexorably overwhelmed by the Gulf of Mexico. That means that this 1986 Subaru Brat will need to be passed on from its current Jalop owner to someone living on higher ground. Any of you Denver-ites want to throw your hat into the ring?


Before you answer that, let’s have a look at the car itself, and see if it’s worth both saving, and the paying of its asking price.

First off, it’s a Brat, a second-generation Brat to be precise, and we love those. As you all know, Brat is an acronym, which stands for Bi-drive Recreational All-terrain Transporter, and the little trucklet is based on the Leone platform.

This one has pretty much everything you could want in a Brat, including the parted-in-the-middle vintage-toupee roof vents, sliding rear window, and plastic death traps, er seats in the bed. The seller, who happens to go by the name Token Foreigner here (Hey bud, how's it hangin'?), says in the ad that the white on blue truck is rust free, originally from Florida (so you can imagine it’s seen some shit), and sports but 75,000 miles on the ticker.


Under the hood is Subie’s EA-81, 1,781-cc flat four, and the spare tire. That engine is good for 73 ponies, and the tire is good for when you get a flat. Gearbox duties are handled by a good old 4-speed stick, and of course this being a Subaru, it has dual-range AWD. All good stuff in my book.

One the outside, the truck looks to be in good shape, the pics bearing out the no-rust claims. There is a dent in the front fender which is helpfully pointed out for you, and a scratch on one of the doors. The seats in the bed must have come from another as they were eliminated from the factory Brat the year prior to this one’s build.


Delving into the interior, we find things to show a little more sign of wear, the seats letting their stuffing show in the bolsters, and some sizable crackage evident in the dash. There’s also an odd center custom stack housing the radio that looks to be either steampunk or built-drunk, I’m not too sure which.

Token Foreigner says that the truck runs well, and that the brakes, exhaust, and clutch cable have all been recently replaced, and that the tires are about half-way to needing to be.


The asking price is $5,200, and I’d like to ask you now to vote on whether you think that’s a deal for this Jalop-offered New Orleans Subie. Based on the ad, does that seem like a fair price? Or, is that just too much to be a Brat?

You decide!


New Orleans Craigslist, or check out the ad below.

H/T to Token Foreigner (the seller) for the hookup!


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