Nice Price Or Crack PipeIs this used car a good deal? You decide!  

One if by land, two if by sea, and eight-grand if by today’s Nice Price or Crack Pipe Jeep-bodied jet ski. Could that be a number that would have you getting onboard with this crazy water-going American icon?

Is there any greater single symbol of America's involvement in WWII than the Jeep? That do-all transport helped push the military across both the European and Pacific theaters with nary a complaint nor often even breaking a sweat.

The only place that the Jeep seemingly couldn’t effectively tackle was at sea, although when the Navy came on land - in the form of the Seabee construction crews - it it was right there with them. History perhaps does not give the Seabees the credit they deserve as these “Construction Battalions” performed essential work, building roads and airstrips, often under direct enemy fire, on the front lines. They did however cross that sea-land divide, as does today's oddly intriguing Jeep for crossing the deep.

Will this custom Jeep-boat make you an honorary Seabee owing to its Jeep body and nautical nature? Oh hellz noe. It will however allow you to extend your claim of the Jeep’s legendary off-road capabilities to include the three-quarters of the Earth’s surface otherwise denied to our favorite mode of transportation, and which are full of fish shit.


Now, having a look at the pictures of this Jeep on what is said to be a Jet Ski can be disorienting, as it’s plainly a Jeep… in the water. Unlike flying cars, which always tend to look like folded up airplane when on the ground, this truly looks like a fish out of water, er, a Jeep in the water.

The body is from the looks of things fiberglass, and the Pep Boys discount aisle chrome “wheels” are mounted with some sort of decorative tire about the same size as your Schwinn when you were a kid.


Don’t plan on driving this Jeep off its outriggers and onto the beach James Bond-style, that ain’t never going to happen unless it’s on its trailer, which one would hope is included in the sale price as getting it home otherwise might require an intimate knowledge of the nation’s seaway and canals systems.

The Jeep otherwise looks awesome on the jet ski, although I think that might be a misnomer as it doesn’t actually seem to be powered by an internal pump-jet but instead a 50-horse outboard motor. I'm not well-versed enough to tell you what brand that is, but the ad notes that it does come with power tilt and trim for, respectively, easy trailer egress and getting down to business in the water.


That’s pretty much all the ad says about it, although the pictures do show a pair of white plastic buckets and both front and rear lights, to further the illusion of a sea Jeep. Also, the black outriggers seem to disappear when in the water so it does really seem to look like this blue Jeep has actually conquered the last off-road challenge.

I don’t know about you, but I think that’s a hoot. I don’t however know if it’s worth $8,000 to hoot it up, and that’s where we need your help. What do you think about this amazing Jeepski and its $8,000 price tag? Does that price get your Navy Seal of approval? Or, does it make you think the seller is all wet?


You decide!

Boston Craigslist, or just check it out below.

H/T to Brandon Frechette for the hookup!


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