Nice Price Or Crack PipeIs this used car a good deal? You decide!

The ad for today’s Nice Price or Crack Pipe Suzuki says you need to do homework before buying it. That’s owed to it being a JDM import, which means the test will be given at the DMV. Let’s see first if its price gets a passing grade.

Have you ever noticed how in the case of most products “economy size” means bigger but with airline seats it means smaller? I swear, the full grasp of corporate marketing sadly remains an elusive goal for me. Take for example last Friday’s odd-bodkin Subeetleru—or as several of you opined, Bugaru.


That car offered a sweet two-for-one package deal but even that couldn’t sway the majority of you to give it up for its price, and that dropped it in a decisive 75% Crack Pipe loss. Clowns everywhere stopped eating children and hung their heads in sadness over the result.

Okay, first things first about this 1983 Suzuki Mighty Boy Coupé Ute: Yes, its real name is Mighty Boy, and yes, it came from the factory like that. Those two factors make this about as damn-near must-have as possible in my book. Of course, your mileage may vary.

What the hell is a Mighty Boy, you might ask? Well, it’s a cute ute trucklet built off of the keijidōsha class Cervo, which itself was derived from the then newly designed FWD Alto/Fronte cars. The Mighty Boy, along with having the best name in all of auto-dom, took the Cervo’s hatchback rear-end and turned it into an open bed with a drop-down gate. This turned it into a two-seat pickup truck just like Vinnie Barbarino drove in Urban Cowboy on his way to the disco to dance to Dianetics.


Mighty Boys were never sold in the U.S. of A.. In fact, no Kei car was ever offered in the U.S. since the thought of driving one here, amidst all the F350s, Suburbans, coal-rollers, and tailgaters was too horrifyingly butt-puckering for even the bravest Japanese car maker to suggest.


I’d take the chance with this Mighty Boy, though. Power (and I use that term loosely) is provided by a 543-cc SOHC triple good for about 28-bhp. If any of you have ever owned a Chevy Sprint then you’ll find the under-hood vista to be very familiar territory here. The ad says that the fluids were all changed before the car was put into dry storage. How long ago that occurred however, goes unshared. Making the most of those ponies is a four-speed manual, and there’s a Nardi-Nar-Nar steering wheel inside for all your bendy-bits pleasure.


The seller says that the truck “runs and drives amazing” and “has people looking at your all the time.” There’s no rust nor rot according to the ad, and come on a set of tiny Watanabe Panasport wannabes. Mileage is a claimed 33,000 kilometers (about 20,000 miles) and it’s said to come with a clean title and is able to be registered “in all the 50 states.”

That’s the part about suggesting prospective buyers do their homework. You see, it’s really not welcome in all the States as California demands any car built after 1975 be brought into smog compliance before it can be registered there. A BAR (Bureau of Automotive Repair) sticker confirming compliance is California’s version of a Willy Wonka Golden Ticket.


Are there any other aspects of the car that might get people’s collective panties in a bunch? Well, the ad alludes to the car having been “repaired once in it life” and resprayed black over its original white. There’s the issue with the mirrors—he does have the fender-mounted ones, but they’re not on the car, and the holes remain for the later door-mounted units, which he has removed. The driver’s seat (which it should be pointed out is on the right) needs to be reupholstered or smartly covered. Other than that, it appears to be ready to rock.


To rock your world the asking price is $4,200. That’s not that much for a car, but then tbeing a Kei, his isn’t all that much of a car. What do you think, does that seem like a fair price for this JDM charm bracelet of a Suzuki? Or, is the only thing mighty about it the unlikelihood of it selling at that price?

You decide!


Hartford CT Craigslist, or go here if the ad disappears.

H/T to Skyrider for the hookup!

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