For $7,000, This Subaru GL/VW Beetle Could Be The Mashup You Never Knew You Needed

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Would you pay extra for a car with an extra motor? Today’s Nice Price or Crack Pipe custom Subeetleru has both a boxer in front and one in the butt. Why would you do that? I don’t know, but you’ll have to decide if its price makes this two-for-one a real deal.

I think we can all agree that compromise is a good thing. That is, except when it isn’t, like when you compromise your long-term security for a short-term gratification.

Yesterday’s 2000 Jeep Cherokee was a car full of compromises. It had what looked like a wonderfully fun LS conversion and related go-faster hardware, but that was tainted by an interior that had all the charm of a hillbilly’s underoos. It also had a fuel cell and battery taking up space in the load area, and perhaps the final indignation, a price tag that earned it an 86% Crack Pipe loss. That’s pretty compromised in my book.


Okay, and now—as they used to say on Monty Python—for something completely different. And I mean completely.

Our candidate for today is a two-fer. It represents two different brands, two different nations of origin, two-contrasting eras of compact car layout thinking, and two wildly dissimilar wheel cover designs. All that balls up into a single car built out of a 1985 Subaru GL up front, and a 1973 Volkswagen Beetle in back. Is there anything that those cars could have possibly had in common? Well, they both had four cylinder horizontally-opposed boxer engines, and this car still has both.


That’s right, and not only that but both of them are claimed to work. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the car is (cars are?) advertised as being from Florida. Oh Florida, will you ever stop being so wildly eff’d up?


That ad is waaaaaaaay too short on details for such an unusual car, and I have questions. Oh boy, I have so many questions. Questions like, why is this car red? Why does it looks like one of those football helmet golf carts from the 1980s? What sort of remote island-dwelling mad scientist or Subaru/VW dealership marketing manager originally thought up this beast?


Important questions all I know, and I’m sure you have some more that you would like to add. The answers are not to be readily found in the ad, however should you like to practice your Spanish reading comprehension, it’s got you covered there, fam.

Let’s just assume that the car is road-worthy, able to function on at least one engine at a time (both would be better), and can be licensed as one make or the other. Who then would be the target audience for this beast? Two-face, the second-tier Batman villain? Someone with crushing indecisiveness? I have no idea who it is aimed at, but I have to admit I kind of want to have it. I should also note that this isn’t this car’s first rodeo here.


It looks weird, but oddly also professionally completed. It comes with a pretty good security system in place too. Just look at that coil lock on the rear bumper. Ain’t no one stealing it when parked next to a sturdy rail. You might also notice the three tail pipes coming out the back, that’s got to be worth something.


The inside looks to be mostly Subaru with the GL’s dash faced by either VW seats or the Subie ones with covers. Despite it being two cars, the outside is only one color, a tomato-y red, and there’s sassy SUBARU stickers on the hood and both flanks. Zowie, right?

Okay look, YOU don’t want to buy this. In fact, you don’t even want your neighbor to buy this. Somewhere out there however, someone is jonesing for just such an amazingly bizarre creation to make their life complete and the least we could do—the very least—is to help them by voting on whether or not the current owner’s price is a ripoff or not. Deal?


That price is $7,000 and to be fair you are getting two cars for that one price. Two cars that only require one garage stall I should add. What do you think, could this Subeetleru command that $7,000? Or, is that too much for even two cars?

You decide!


Orlando FL Craigslist, or go here if the ad disappears.

H/T to Murphie and Eric Lee for the hookup!

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