Nice Price Or Crack PipeIs this used car a good deal? You decide!  

Volvo says they're cutting back on wagons because the cross-overs are eating their lunch. Well, today's Nice Price or Crack Pipe 1993 940 turbo looks clean enough to eat off of, but will its price make you cross-eyed?

Yesterday's T-Type proved to have a blood type that was NP-positive and it managed to grab a 73% Nice Price win before battening down its hatches (or rolling up its windows) in preparation of Earl swinging past its North Carolina home to rock it like a hurricane. A couple of states north, in the lush confines of the Garden State in fact, resides today's contender, and it's also dressed in turbocharged finery.


This 1993 Volvo 940 Turbo Wagon is 17 years old, and it looks as nice as most 17 year olds do, but it's also perfectly legal. Big, glassy and capacious - just like a wagon should be - this tropic green 940 has racked up only 85,212 miles in those 17 years, so few that you can probably still smell the original salesman's Drakkar Noir cologne in it. Volvos have a well-earned reputation for longevity of the biblical kind. And it is the goal of most Volvo owners to put that reputation to the test, by getting biblical on their cars' asses. That's why one that doesn't look as worn as a cathouse mattress can make you praise Jebus. This 940 is just such a find, Hallelujah.

Inside - and there's a lot of inside to go around - the beige leather and even beigier low-pile look to have suffered minimal fade, and hidden under one of those rubber liners in the back is the flip-up third row that lets the kids ride bass-akwards. Back up front, it looks like the intercooled 2.3-litre four-banger is backed up by the 4-speed O/D automatic, as that's what these cars had as standard fitment. Despite the torque converter, the 162-bhp would still move the 3,280-lb wagon to sixty in a reasonable 8.8-seconds, although turbo lag is rumored to spank some of the fun out of it while doing so.


Even if Volvo says they're cutting back on their wagons today, they actually haven't produced a severely boxy car since the initial version of the S60/V70 was replaced by its Kardashian-hipped successor. This wagon harkens back to an era when Volvo translated from the Swedish as bøx and their wagon's extreme rectilinear shapes made them not only hugely practical but timeless in design. The curves of today's Volvos may work to make them fit in with the cool kids, but after a couple of years they don't stand out anymore, fading into the background like any other make. This car however stands way out there and while it's not as adroit as a cross-over in handling inclement weather, why would you want to be driving in that anyway when you could be home staying dry and reading Jalopnik?


All is not rosy palms with this 940 however, and the biggest issue happens to be the price, as you see the seller wants four large for this large four, plus the wagon attached to it. Go take a gander (go ahead, they're right there, next to the geese) at other 940 turbo wagons of a similar vintage and you'll find prices that are about half what TKI Motorsport is asking for this one. It should be said that you'll be unlikely to find another - half-price or not - anywhere close to this one's condition, mileage or MILF-magnety attraction, so maybe while it is at the upper stratosphere of 940 prices, it's also at the edge of space in condition and desirability, it's hard to say.

That conundrum is where you all come in, and now it's time to determine, is $4,000 thinking waaay outside the box for this 940 turbo? Or, is that a price that could have you rolling in this Volvo like you were a swedish meatball?

You decide!


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