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Usually, motor homes are bought by retirees as a way to enjoy their golden years and get away from their damn kids. With today's Nice Price or Crack Pipe 455-powered Vixen, you don't have to wait for retirement, but will its price make you want to hold on to your 401K?

You'd think that Money Pit would have good connotations, after all, who wouldn't want to fall into a pit full of fluffy cash? Of course, that's not what it means and yesterday's 1973 de Tomaso Pantera surely was a money pit, and one that a narrow 51% of you would avoid despite its being, you know, a Pantera.


Limited production, massive V8 engine, exotic building materials, and class-leading handling- that sounds like it could be any number of high performance super cars, right? Well, what if we then add built-in kitchenette and poo closet to the list, plus the ability for you to sleep, or conduct an orgy, with three of your closest amigos? Well, then you'd talking about a Vixen, the thinking man's (or woman's, if that's how you roll) recreational vehicle.

This 1986 Vixen pop top is one of 587 built between 1986 and 1989, and is unique in having not the typical BMW diesel engine and five speed stick, but a gargantuan GM 455 V8 (Olds? Buick? Who Knows?) and an automatic tranny. The seller claims that the monster motor was installed at the behest of the RV's original owner, said to be a GM CEO.


The Vixen was a clean sheet design, and while modern RVs go for height to accommodate space - including bus-like basement models - the rear-engined Vixen went for a low center of gravity and the wide stance of airport restroom annoyance Larry Craig for handling over spaciousness. That was created using a steel spaceframe, upon which was fixed a slicker ‘n goose shit (CD <.30) fiberglass body. Interestingly, the Vixen eschewed a traditional on-board generator for a pair of high capacity batteries, or external plug for on-site electrical power.


This Vixen, along with the romper-stomper engine, is also claimed to have been fully restored 30,000 miles ago. It now sports 156K on the clock and is said to be kept indoors. That's possible as while maintaining a 148-inch wheelbase and 21-foot overall length, at a little over 6' tall with the top down, it'll fit under most carport roofs.

The restoration has resulted in a Vixen that looks spankin' new inside and out. The Pop top lends the appearance of a mid century modern home from the inside, and the clean lines of the exterior are marred only by the ass-mounted spare and ‘80s tail lights (Dodge St Regis?) mucking up the backend. Better I guess than a hitch full of bikes or a tow-along Samurai.


The Vixen was always unique and, as far as such things go, sort of the Porsche of motorhomes. As one of 587, this would be pretty rare, and as the only one sporting a 455, it's one of a kind, and in a good way. That exclusivity, as well as the apparent restored condition, are the reasons, at least in the seller's mind, to ask a not insubstantial $39,000 for this RV.


The editors at BaT seem to think that's a fair price, and actually appear to be foaming at the mouth to make this their home for the homies. Of course, they're no experts on vehicle valuation, we are, and that's why it's now time for you to share your opinion on this former CEO-owned Vixen. Is it worth $39,000? Or, is this a Vixen that needs some price fixin'?

You decide!


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