Nice Price Or Crack PipeIs this used car a good deal? You decide!  

Today's Nice Price or Crack Pipe custom is so Miami Vice that it'll have you donning your Johnson in no time. Of course it's a fake, but that doesn't necessarily mean that its price will have you saying faux-getaboutit.

Sometimes you just need somebody to tell you just exactly what the hell is going on. I've found that to be the case with movies like Primer and Under the Skin, and a little more expose sure as hell would have helped the chances of the yesterday's 13B-powered 1978 Dodge Colt.

A little explanation - and maybe an interior or engine bay shot to go along with it - might have resulted in that car receiving a better outcome. As it was, the brief ad resulted in an even briefer decision to go with Crack Pipe for its price, and it fell, 68% to 32%.


Hey, do you like pastel shirts and scrunching up the sleeves of your linen sport coats? Do you still think Rodney Bingenheimer is cool? Have I got a car for you. Think about the machismo afforded by the '80s C4 Corvette - all the gold chains, chest merkins, and roofie wingmen - and then realize that you could turn that '80s testosterone bomb up to eleven.

This 1989 Ferrari "Brillante Vendetta" Testarossa Replica is based on the aforementioned C4 Corvette, including its front-mounted engine placement, automatic gearbox, and convertible roof, but back in the day was restyled by a company called Classic International to taunt Ferrari's copyright lawyers. It is a sort of, kinda, if you squint real hard, Testarossa tribute, but here's the weird part of it, I don't think it's all that terrible.


Oh sure, it's no Testrarossa, but then I've never really liked the cheese grater styling of the real deal so I'm kind of laughing with this knockoff for its audacity rather than at it. The Corvette wears this disguise pretty well, and if you're going to go C4 you might as well be in on the joke, right?

This also goes the real Ferrari one better by offering open-top motoring which will allow everyone to see the sun glint off the gold chains around your neck and help the healing process of your hair plugs.


While under the sun you'll no doubt notice this car's re-covered seats, very Ferrari-esque, and the steering wheel that seems to have a QWERTY keyboard embedded in its center. Hopefully one of those buttons is for the horn. That sits in front of the standard '80s Corvette digital dash which still looks like it's from a '70s concept of what the '90s would be like.

On the outside, the side strakes looks a lot more 348 than Testarossa, and the extra-wide rear end flips up just a tad too much. It's the nose however that's the freakiest in its mix of brands. There's still the Corvette fenderline and pop-up lights, but the entire front valance looks to have been Xerox'd straight from Maranello. The wheels are five spoke alloys which pretty much work it wherever they go.


It's the mechanicals that really shine here as this car rocks the 5.7-litre Corvette V8 and 4-speed O/D auto, both dirt simple and lightyears cheaper to maintain than the real Testarossa's flat twelve. Not only that, but this one is claimed to have less than 15K on the clock.

How many Brilliant Vendettas did Classic International build? Who knows? All I can say is, not nearly enough. That's because you don't see them on every corner and that exclusivity is part of what drives this car's Palm Springs-located dealer to ask $36,900 for it.


What do you think about that? Is that a small price to pay for so much awesome in just one car? Or, is that too much to relive the '80s?

You decide!


Exotic Motor Cars, or go here if the ad disappears.

H/T to leasim83 for the hookup!

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