Nice Price Or Crack PipeIs this used car a good deal? You decide!

Canada's all about the maple leaf. It's on their flag, their money, and even on many of the nation to the north's trees. Today's Nice Price or Crack Pipe one-year only Canadian Ford is pretty leafed out - or maybe it's worn out - but will its price make you want to join the Canadian club?

Have you ever driven a Shelby Cobra or a quality example by one of its many homage replica makers? It's a brutal but electrifying experience, sort of like being in a mosh pit full of aggressive naked strippers during a Black Flag concert.


The thing of it is though, the Cobra is a uniquely venerated icon, and at thirty grand yesterday's Chevy-powered Track Day Cobra violated far too many of the tenets of the faith to come away with anything less than its 77% Crack Pipe loss.

Okay, so as sort of a sorbet to cleanse the palate for you FoMoCofans, today we have a Ford that doesn't get much historically Ford-ier, a 1960 Ford of Canada Frontenac, with a freaking Continental kit.

I know what you are saying… a what now?


Ford's 1960 Frontenac was a single-year model based for the Canadian market that was basically a U.S. Falcon with a fawn-say grille, some cool script badging, and maple leafs embossed wherever they would fit. There are nine leaves in total.

The car was intended to slot into the Mercury/Meteor line up but Ford of Canada product planner Jon Rideout envisioned a car with a uniquely Canadian vibe. To do so, the company anointed it the Frontenac, which was the name of a 17th Century governor of New France. It was also marketed as a Ford and as not a Mercury or Meteor.


Like its siblings to the south it was otherwise a Falcon in every way, shape and form, albeit a Falcon built at Ford's Oakville Ontario assembly plant. It was offered in the same body styles - four-door sedan and wagon, two-door sedan, convertible, and a two-door wagon. In all, there were just 9,536 Frontenacs built before the model was superseded by the Mercury Comet in 1961.


This Frontenac is a two-door, and it has found its way to Florida (oh great). These cars were only available with a single engine - a 90-horse 144-cid straight six - and a choice of 3-on-the-tree or a 2-speed automatic. This one has the auto likely making it as slow as maple syrup in January, but hey, Canada!


It also has something that makes me all giddy and that's a Continental Kit extending the rump in magnificent fashion. That is pure luxury right there my friends, and while it makes accessing the center-mounted gas filler a pain, the bling is more than worth the hassle of folding down the spare at every fill up.

Along with that diamond in the rough comes some other big pluses including a new exhaust, braking system, and IP/steering wheel. On the downside, there's not just rust but Bondo with which to deal, and there's the concerning claim that the unibody structures have been 'repaired well.' You can take a gander at the seller's pics and videos, here, including a tour of the 'metric ton' of spare parts included with the purchase. Aww, that little 1-barrel is so cute!


Look, I'm come right out and say that I would buy this cool Canadian right here right now, that is if it weren't a continent away and I wasn't terrified of my wife's reaction. The seller is no doubt looking for someone with similar intentions only closer and less pussy whipped. His asking is $2,500, and that includes the metric system of parts and all the maple leafs you can eat.


What's your take on this Frontenac for $2,500? Are you as willing as I am to pay that much? Or, for that price, can this Frontenac get back jacque?

You decide!


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