For $30,000, Hey Little Co-Brah!

Nice Price Or Crack PipeIs this used car a good deal? You decide!

Chevy's Corvette and the Shelby Cobra spent much of the sixties duking it out on both street and the track. Today's Nice Price or Crack Pipe Corv-bra tries to bring the two warring factions together, but will its price be worth the fight?

If you're going to try and sell a relatively rare but in the end mundane car, you damn-well better make sure it's in primo condition when you do. That wasn't the case with yesterday's 1991 Pontiac Firefly - a Canadian-built edition of the Suzuki Cultus - and that flaky shape contributed to the 78% Crack Pipe loss for its thirty-seven hundred asking.


Today we're going to be asking the immortal question, why can't we all just get along?

There are in existence more fake Cobras than real ones. How many more? Who knows, most are home-built, sporting questionable welds and front suspension from junkyard Mustang IIs. According to Hemmings there were only 998 original Cobras built - 655 of the 289 models, and 343 427s - all starting with this one here. Since then the trade in Faux-bras has been such a lucrative draw that even Carroll Shelby himself got in on the act, producing a series of 'continuation cars.' Why? Because money, that's why.


The originals, especially the hairy chested, huevos gig antes 427 edition, made a name for themselves eating everybody else's lunch on the track, notably even the PB&J and bag of Funyuns of the Chevy Corvette. This custom tube-frame homage Cobra has gone one step beyond that, having eaten a Corvette.

Actually there are apparently a pair of 'Vettes represented here as the suspension is claimed to have come from a C4 car, while the front brakes are from a C5. The 30-over 355 could have originated in a plastic fantastic too, but seeing as it's been rebuilt and looks about as stock as the rest of this Cobra, its not even worth speculating its origins.


That mill is a dry-sump and the parts look to be SCAT-sourced. Gearbox duties are handled by a Tremec 5-speed which sends the ponies back to play with the aluminum Corvette pumpkin and some of the fattest halfshafts you've ever seen.


The ad notes that the car was built for hill climbs and track days but it seems to be fully street-able as it has lights and a number plate. At least that is, it has an Oregon title and that's where there's a bit of hinkey-ness that enters the picture. The title is said to have been rebuilt which is kind of weird for a home-built car. Maybe it's been home re-built? Regardless, getting your insurance agent to sign off on something like this is probably going to require either roofies or putting his kid through college even without the salvage title.


I don't know how I feel about all the Chevy in this Cobra but at least the bodywork - now with even more flare! - is claimed to be easily removable. That could mean that you potentially could clothe the tube frame, engine, and mighty meats in something a little more appropriate for the Bow Tie brigade, say a Cheetah or Devin.

But before any of that, you'd need to come up with the $30,000 the seller is asking for this one-man band cross-town rivalry. Fauxbras, even the most ineptly assembled, usually have about that much in parts and time in them, so that doesn't seem untoward. Or does it?


What do you think about $30K for this Corvette'd Cobra? Does that seem like a deal fro so mad a melange? Or, do you think the seller's a total Asp-hole for asking so much?

You decide!


Portland OR Craigslist, or go here if the ad disappears.

H/T to Nicholas S for the hookup!

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