Nice Price Or Crack PipeIs this used car a good deal? You decide!  

One of the common euphemisms for level of drunkenness is to be three sheets to the wind. Today's Nice Price or Crack Pipe Camaro is unique in that it's two seats to the wind, but will you find its price to be sobering?

Okay, I want you all to repeat after me; I will not run with scissors, I will not spit into the wind, and lastly, I will not El Camino-ize an apparently decent E30. After yesterday's 67% Crack Pipe debacle, I don't think we'll be welcoming any more like that any time soon.

Truthfully, if you were planning on turning any particular car into something it was not originally intended to be, wouldn't your first thought be Keira Knightley convertible? And rightly, wouldn't you really want to leave such things up to the experts?


Today's 1984 Camaro Z28 has been converted into a two-seat drop top, allegedly by the experts at the now defunct Auto Forms Inc. of Elkhart Indiana. As you might recall, factory editions of the third generation F-bodies didn't hit the market until '87, and then it didn't sport this custom job's double headrest farings or rustic trunk hatch hinges.

Back when it was introduced, Road & Track posited that the third-gen Camaro might just have been the most gorgeous car sold in America, rivaling the then contemporary Ferrari 308 GTB for the title. Time has been kind to the Camaro and even in this custom roofless form it still looks cool enough to cause mass panty drops.


The interior seems also to have stood the test of time as well, and the wildebeest striped seats look to be in fine condition under some woefully shapeless covers. The dash, door panels - in fact the entire interior - reeks of ‘80s angularity, and maintains a dash brow that would engender a Neanderthal's approving nod.

The top itself is an interesting amalgam of hard fiberglass and soft vinyl which flips ninja style out of a well where the back seats once resided. A small army of snaps keep the sides from flapping like grandpa's union suit after baked bean night. The pivot point for the top is on what is described as a steel reinforcement cage mounted aft of the seats. That, along with an underbody X-member, help to keep the car from folding faster than Superman on laundry day.


Powering this custom Camaro is what looks to be an old-school SBC, topped as many are with an aftermarket chrome air cleaner that I assume at one point passed across the laser scanner at a Pep Boys or Walmart check stand. Backing that up is what is likely a TH700-R4 automatic, common among Z28s of the era.

The seller claims that fewer than 600 conversions were done by Auto Forms, including both Camaros and Firebirds. That makes this a pretty rare F-body, and an open question as to whether it's worth the $18,000 the seller is presently asking. 

What do you think, is this two-seat Z28 worth that kind of scratch? Or, is this a custom Camaro with a price that's not so bitchin?


You decide!

Ocala Craigslist or go here if the ad disappears.

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