For $8,500, Take This Bimmer To Bed

Nice Price Or Crack PipeIs this used car a good deal? You decide!

For some strange reason, people love turning E30 Bimmers into pickups, it's like a fad. Today's Nice Price or Crack Pipe El Bimmino looks like one of the more professional jobs, but will its price put the deal to bed?

They say an Element never forgets. . . No wait, that's elephants. Damn! Anyway, fully 81% of you said forget it to yesterday's 2006 Element as its price and suspect longevity owed to a pressure cooker motor ensured that Element wouldn't end up on any of your periodic tables.


What if you needed to haul one of those elemental tables? Or maybe a periodic chair or divan? What might you choose for the task? Well, if you are both a mover and a Shaker then you probably built that furniture, and you also might appreciate the seemingly clean build and utility of today's E30 Pickup.

Yes, we've had a few other 3-series' gone to bed, including a wild tow truck version dropped on a Chevy truck frame. Few however are as well finished however - both on the outside and under the hood - as is this one.


Powered by an M20 - likely the 2.5-litre edition - this Ranchero-zed E30 has not only been turned into a pickup, but it's also been dropped and is currently rolling on a set of five-spoke alloys of indeterminate origin. The rear of the cab has been extended and fitted with a narrow slice of glass, which, along with the red paint job, gives it the appearance from the rear of this guy.


The interior is not offered up in that ad - nor is any bit of information about the car at all - but some of its build may be seen here and on that page it looks like this E30 has gained a pair of high-back racing seats along with its bed, so it could be considered "fully furnished."

The dropped suspension evident in the pics doesn't just make the truck look cool, it also helps with the fact that the rear panel, fitted with smoked tail lamp lenses, doesn't drop. That leaves a fairly high lift over, but it shouldn't be onerous to anyone who's not a T-Rex with their freakishly stubby little arms. You're not a T-Rex are you? Good, that would be awkward after having called their arms freakishly stubby, which they are.


No, you are not a Cretaceous carnivore, you're an NPOCP voter and as such, it's now time to lay down the vote on whether or not this custom Bimmer's $8,500 price is worth getting in bed with. What do you think, is that a fair deal for this custom trucklet? Or, would paying that much feel like getting short sheeted?

You decide!


Washington DC Craigslist or go here if the ad disappears.

H/T to Jay for the hookup!

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