For $12,500, This Linolnchero Will Let You Make Your Mark

Nice Price Or Crack PipeIs this used car a good deal? You decide!

Today's Nice Price or Crack Pipe Lincoln Mark V Coloma custom will help you cart home in style all your holiday swag, but will its price require carting too much cash?

Maybe it was the rum balls, or the mandatory mistletoe mischief - my lips are soo chapped - was the cause, but whatever the reason, Monday proved a rumble. It will go down in history as the great Christmas battle of 2012 - waged between two gangs - the Rabid Rotary Club and the Cubic Inch Worms - all over the heart and soul of an LT1-powered '93 Mazda FD.


Well, maybe not its heart, but at least its cojones as it was that American V8 under its hood that caused even more consternation than its salvage title or eleven grand price. In the end, the real winner was the RX7, as it walked away with a narrow but solid 53% Nice Price win.

Now that 2012 is nearing its end it's a good opportunity to reflect on the past and plan for the future. Today's custom 1977 Lincoln Mark V Coloma comes from a past that perhaps you never knew existed, but now its future rests squarely in your votes. Described incongruously as one of a kind as well as only one of twelve, these aftermarket custom jobs were constructed by Caribou Motor Company of Rosemead California. In addition to the Lincoln, Caribou also bedded a number of Cadillacs over the years.


This one has a slightly different style to the roof extension than do other models, and here that's covered in luxuriant green vinyl. Out back the bed is capped with a short tailgate into which is set the Connie's iconic faux spare tire hump. That alone - IMHO - makes this car awesome. Not to mention we've featured this exact car on Jalopnik when Hardibro bumped into the owner.


Also telegraphing the V's DNA is the back glass which mirrors the oval shape of the coupe's original side opera windows. Inside, the two-tone green over more green accouterments look to be in excellent condition and oh-so '70s. The thin as a villain's mustache two spoke steering wheel fronts a sparsely fitted dash resplendent in faux woodgrain and silver rectangles for its speedo and clock. There's also that cul-de-sac of audio technology, the 8-tack player to warm nostalgia's cockles and frustrate owners for the dearth of available media.


Everything under the skin appears to be stock '77 Mark V which means a thirsty 208-bhp 4BBL 460 and somnambulant three speed. As far as ride is concerned, these things float like baroque ducks, and filling the bed with appropriate cargo like polyester suits, mood rocks and pet rings probably wouldn't help that much.


Cars like this fall into three categories - the Factory engineered, semi-professionally constructed aftermarket one-offs, and hold my beer backyard hacksaw jobs. This Mark V falls solidly into that mama bear middle. Because of its rarity and condition, as well as kitsch appeal, this Coloma warrants our attention in regard to its $12,500 asking price.

What's your take on this modified Mark's price, is that a fair amount for so unique a truck? Or, does that price make this a Lincoln that even Spielberg couldn't make attractive?


You decide!


Richmond Craigslist or go here if the ad disappears.

H/T to kjps86 for the hookup!

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