For $11,000, All I Want For Christmas Is These Two Fast Seats

Nice Price Or Crack PipeIs this used car a good deal? You decide!

If you wanted your own red sleigh for the holidays you could do worse than today's Nice Price or Crack Pipe Mazda FD as instead of eight tiny reindeer it comes with eight big pots. Will its price however make you dash away, dash away, dash away all?

Well, for those of you who celebrate such things, today is Christmas Eve which means you're either currently under the tree rattling seasonally papered boxes, or stuck at your place of employment wearing a Santa hat and a grim smile for the time and a half you are accruing.


If instead you are of the Jewish faith - shalom amigos!- you are instead probably reflecting upon the miracle of the Menorah and Chanukah just past, while at the same time considering whether to try the Lo Mein tomorrow night. Kwanzaa doesn't kick off until Wednesday so observers of that tradition still have shopping opportunities available to them, while for pagans and hipsters there's always Festivus for the rest of us.

Regardless of our seemingly insurmountable differences in faith, politics, and opinions on the appropriateness of public flatulence, the holiday season offers the opportunity for us all to cast these aside and come together, spreading good cheer to one and all. Of course all the holiday booze helps.


One place today that the tradition of difference remains alive is the vote on the value of today's LT1-powered FD RX-7. Appropriately Santa red offset by gold König Feathers, this '93 FD has been breathed upon - or so claims the ad - by Hinson, a company that's well respected for disrespecting OEM motor choices.

Had this FD come originally with the turbocharged 13B-REW it would have been carrying about a 390-lb load up front. The LT1 is a more Rubenesque 460-lbs plus, meaning that this car's revised suspension and Tokico struts better be spec'd to do additional duty. Other pluses are a custom exhaust and short-shifted six speed row-yer-own.


Based on the somewhat fuzzy (or is that artsy in today's Instagram world?) pics, the car looks most excellent both inside and out. Based on the mods inflicted upon it, as well as the limited pics and description, it's hard to tell which model RX7 this was to begin with - R1, R2, etc, other than that it was not a Touring as I believe those all had sunroofs.


Okay, that's all the good news, but like tearing open a beautifully wrapped present only to find that it contains a lump of coal and a note from Santa telling you that you have been naughty, but not in the good way, this car has what might be perceived as a fatal flaw - it comes with that total boner killer, a salvage title.

Oh Tananbaum!

For some that would make consideration of this V8-powered and quite tidy FD's $11,000 asking price a moot point. For the rest of us however, let's plow ahead. After all, think of the children. What do you think about $11,000 for this LT1-infused Mazda, is that a price that would jingle your bells? Or, is that a big enough shock so as to make you drop a yule log?


You decide!


Denver Craigslist or go here if the ad disappears.

H/T to BigBlockBear for the hookup!

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Happy holidays, everybody!

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