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Chrysler Recreates Vanishing Point Challenger For One Lap Of America, Cleavon Little Says "Yaahhhh!"

Do we like the film Vanishing Point? Maybe a little too much as we've posted the Vanishing Point finale, intro and assorted clips in between. So despite our best efforts to ignore the much-hyped 08 Challenger SRT8, we're going to budge a little because this particular story captures a little of that Jalopnik spirit. As an homage, Chrysler's Ralph Gilles and Erich Heuschele are going to be participating in One Lap of America in a white Dodge Challenger SRT8, with Giles as a fairly convincing Super Soul and Heuschele as a poor man's Kowalski. And this isn't any run-of-the-mill Challenger, it is the first street-worthy Challenger SRT8, the one that Hueschele points out "was the first car on Jalopnik," which of course makes it a piece of history. [Source: Chrysler]


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Jeff Glucker

Heuschele looks like he is one of the few people who knows the entrance to the Pit of Despair