Carmen Miranda’s Karmann Ghia for $9,300!

Nice Price Or Crack PipeIs this used car a good deal? You decide!

Okay, it's not really Carmen's, but Nice Price or Crack Pipe is still trying to figure out what a Flamenco dancer has to do with this drop top Vee-dub.

Summer's over, and there's a crisp flavor to the air that may or may not be H1N1. And while the leaves are turning, and you're eyeing the winter stockpile of firewood for cottonmouths and black widows, there's still time to enjoy some top-down motoring. Perhaps a drive down a sun-dappled country road enjoying fall's fireworks as the trees turn vibrant reds, yellows and golds directly above your head would take away the stench of yesterday's Maverick Molotov which went down in a 77% Crack Pipe defeat.


And so, for your Friday enjoyment, we have a 1970 Volkswagen Karmann Ghia convertible presented car show style by a formally clad lady with some sort of weird tchotchke in her hand. What that is, and why she is emulating Vanna White goes unexplained, but she must have gone back to her day job - dancing around a sombrero at El Coyote - as she only appears in that one shot. The VW, on the other hand, gets the full paparazzi treatment with 35 pictures and two videos for your edification and auto-erotic pleasures. The videos demonstrate that the seller is eager to sing the praises of this car, and that he needs to take a video editing class.

Drop top Ghias share their basic platform with the Type 1 beetle, and maintain that car's strengths and weaknesses. Typically, the Ghias exhibit evidence of repair to the compound curve nose, which lacks the fortitude of Mike Tyson in low speed impacts. This one, however, looks to be in good shape, indicating a life spent at a reasonable following distance, or a skilled repair sometime in the past. The interior is not so pristine, although there's nothing too egregious going on in there. A pair of aftermarket seats, apparently chosen by Bud Tugley, have been fitted, as has a killer stereo with something called assplode speakers. While those might dim your ardor for the cockpit accoutrements, the manly-knobbed Hurst shifter will make it all better.


Lifting up the old girl's skirt and having a peek at her motor reveals. . . . a Vee Dub aircooled flat four. Not really anything noteworthy other than the question of displacement, as the seller doesn't know if it's a 1600 or 1776, although we should point out that both of those were very noteworthy years. Other than that, it looks pretty standard Volkswagen, and comes with a new clutch, which should provide some assurance in buying this car. Plus nothing engenders peace of mind while parked in a questionable neighborhood like a Valuecraft battery. No expense was spared in the preparation of this VW.


So, nice car, potentially free dancing lessons, and bikini contests at VW car shows, what's not to like? Well, there's that price- buried in the ad is the Buy-It-Now price asking $9,300. Now, super clean Ghias, especially drop tops, do go for lots more than that, but this one isn't in that league. Would you pay that $9,300 for a chance to dance with this Volkswagen? Or, is that a price that has two left feet?


You decide!


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