The Detroit Auto Show was slightly less depressing than last year, thanks to an onslaught of, like, five unawful cars. Every car we covered can be found in the Jalopnik round-up below.

This year's North American International Auto Show was an interesting ball of wax. Detroit 2009 was a sad marriage of tradition and desperation. The year before that was an old-school, big-budget party. 2010 is somewhere in between; the excess pessimism is gone, but so is the wild-eyed optimism. With a few exceptions (*cough* GMC Granite *cough*), careful, intelligent moves were the order of the day. Here's the list of stuff that mattered.


GMC Granite: God Is In The Details
GMC's Granite concept is supposed to be professional grade. Maybe, maybe not. Regardless, the details are killer.

Ford Focus: The Comeback Kid
Ford's latest Focus marks one hell of a return to form. Coolest new car at the show, bar none.

VW New Compact Coupe: Like A Scirocco, Only Bigger, Less Sexy
According to rumor, the New Compact Coupe previews the upcoming Golf coupe. It's pretty, but we'd still rather have the Scirocco.

Delta Forced: First Lancia Rebadged As Chrysler
In its quest to revamp itself, Chrysler has badge-engineered a Lancia Delta into the Auburn Hills family. Take a mediocre Italian hatchback, slap a new skin on it, and use that to revamp a struggling American brand? Makes perfect sense.

Mini Beachcomber, We Do Not Understand You, But We Like You
The Beachcomber previews the upcoming Mini Crossman SUV. It's strange as hell, but that doesn't stop us from loving it.

Ford Goes Electric, Zaps Fun Out Of 2012
The 2012 Ford Focus is so attractive that we'll forgive the announcement of an electric version. That said, it is the car that helped kill Jay Leno's new talk show, so maybe it's not that bad.

2011 GMC Acadia Denali: Who The Hell Buys These Things
It may be the hottest Chevy Traverse you can buy, but it's also the most expensive. Sorry, GMC Acadia Denali: We're not just not that into you.

Chinese Unveil Electric Dong Car Covered In Bush
Every year the Chinese bring a car more representative of our favorite part of the human anatomy. Cover it in a bush? Even better.

The Toyota FT-CH Hybrid A Baby Prius That Doesn't Put Us To Sleep
Just because the "baby Prius" FT-CH doesn't seem as boring as its big brother doesn't mean that we don't want Toyota to abort it in favor of a baby FT-86.

The BMW Z4 sDrive35iS: Are You My M-ommy?
We may not get an M version of the Z4, but the over-named Z4 sDrive35iS is pretty close.

VW New Compact Coupe Debuts In Backstreet Boys Style
Not so much a concept as a production car gone flashy. One of the most finished concepts we've ever seen.

Audi Reveals Second E-Tron Electric Concept For "Idiots"
Audi's executives may think electric cars like the Volt are for people of lesser intelligence, but it doesn't stop them from launching sexy e-concepts every year.

BMW 740i and 740li Want To Six Up Your Life
If you don't know (or care about) the difference between six and eight cylinders, the 740i and 740Li are fast enough. For BMW, they're also an efficient way to help reduce emissions.

Honda CR-Z: 122 HP, 33 MPG Worst Of All Worlds
How much do we dislike the new Honda CR-Z? So much that we'll have to assail Honda with compliments if a non-hybrid version of the car ever sees production.

Bentley Series 51 Continental: Would You Spend $10,000 For Some Trim?
Bentley's Continental remains an object of desire for new money. Why mess with success when you can just gild the lily?

Bentley Mulsanne Speaks Softly And Carries A Big V8
Our favorite part of the Bentley display was the Mulsanne. All 9,000 square feet of it.

2011 Ford Mustang 5.0 V8: Rollin' In My Five-Point-Oh
How many times can we make a Vanilla Ice reference in a post about Ford's 5.0-liter V8? Many, many times.

Cadillac CTS-V Coupe: We Like Big, Powerful Butts
We cannot lie: The CTS-V coupe is exactly the kind of car that we love.

Chevy Aveo RS: Least Crappy Daewoo Starts Production In 2011
We've often wondered if it was possible to massage the Aveo platform into something appealing. They're getting warmer.
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Cadillac XTS Platinum Concept The Cadillac Of Luxo-Barges
Admit it: The Ford Taurus SHO wasn't large enough for you, either.

2011 Lincoln MKX: No Buttons, All Nose
You may not love the MKX's nose, but at least it's got capacitive touch sliders in the interior. Granted, we're not sure we want them, but they're fun to play with.

Ford's 6.7-liter Powerstroke V8 Is Crazy Like A Fox
Engine pr0n? This early in the morning? If you insist. Check out Ford's latest diesel.

Cadillac XTS Platinum Concept When Two Become One
Replacing both the DTS and STS, the XTS concept is thinly veiled version of a car that everyone knows Caddy is going to make.

The Fastest Way To Electrocute You And Three Friends
The amphibious electric car sounds like a brilliant idea, doesn't it?

Commuter Cars Tango: First Drive
We've always been intrigued by the massively powerful electric Tango. After driving one, we're just pleased that we can wrap our hands around the top of it.