For a car that costs $285,000 it's a bit strange how many cues the Bentley Mulsanne shares with the 300C. The difference? The Chrysler's V8 doesn't produce 752 lb-ft of torque at 1800 RPM.

While we adjust to the look of the new big Bentley, we're still pleased the brand again trotted out a modified twin-turbo version of the 6¾-litre V8 we associate with the big Bentleys. Let the football stars have their W12 Continentals, you can't pull up to the hunt in one of those.

Once you've committed to owning the Mulsanne — named because it's as long as the famous Le Mans straight — you'll have at your disposal 114 paint options, 24 interior leather hides, 21 carpet colors and nine wood veneers. Sadly, none of these options will make the car less jarring from the front, but it's a nice feature for a car costing ten times the median household income in Detroit.