Delta Forced: First Lancia Rebadged As Chrysler

Illustration for article titled Delta Forced: First Lancia Rebadged As Chrysler

Chrysler's surprise at the Detroit Auto Show? A Lancia Delta! Oh wait, no, it's a Chrysler Delta. Let the Italian/American badge engineering of mediocre European hatchbacks begin. Hey, maybe they'll call it the "Guido."


Before we knock on it, can we at least give it a chance?

It's got to be better than the Caliber, PT Cruiser, et al. It's not the hottest girl at the dance, but it is pretty. Plus, from what I've been able to find, it seems like it has been well-received in Europe. If it has had good reliability ratings to boot, why wouldn't we want it here?

On a completely unrelated sidenote, Ray, can we do something about one of the Gawker side banners that decides to show up from time to time? Those side banners have been getting steadily raunchier, but the one that attempting to "artfully" portray two women's faces in the pelvic region of a third woman is pushing it just a little too far, especially when displayed on a website that many commenters access from work.