Nice Price Or Crack PipeIs this used car a good deal? You decide!  

The Ramones used to sing the kei kei kei took my baby away, and if that's true Nice Price or Crack Pipe has the car they might have used.

In our last episode, the Olds land yacht garnered a 62 on the Nice Price richter scale. Today, we'll see how shaken up you get over a little dinghy.

If you remember the little Suzuki Cappuccino from a few weeks back, you might have noticed another retro-mobile behind it in a couple of shots. In fact, many Jalopniks remarked that they found the twee little coupe in the background more to their liking than the red cup of demitasse. Well, that was a Nissan Figaro, and now that same seller has another of the little Nissans up on eBay, and it could be yours for a non-munchkinesque $11,900.


Originally JDM-only, and with a production run of 20,000, the Nissan Figaro became a celebrity status symbol in Britain in the early β€˜90s. There, like in Japan, the cars have the steering wheel on the right side, which forces the passenger to do all the work, while letting the driver relax with nothing to do but rummage in the glovebox and fiddle with the radio knobs.

When introduced in 1989 (ignore the 1964 mention behind the curtain) the right-hand-drive Figaro was one of Nissan's boutique cars like the Be1, S-Cargo and Pao, all of which were based on the diminutive family trucksterette - the Micra. At 147 inches in length, the Figaro stretches the limits of the kei-car dimensions, but still manages to be cramped for four passengers. Motivational force is provided by the Micra's 75hp turbo'd 987cc engine which sounds like a swarm of micro-bees when the tap is open. The automatic gearbox means that your left foot will soon get bored while out and about.

This car's lapis gray paint may not be the warmest hue for such a sunny little car, but it would contrast nicely should you find yourself bouncing down the yellow brick road in it. Sliding back the fabric roof might make the quarters feel a little less cramped, should the Tin Man, Cowardly Lion and Scarecrow decide to come along for the ride. The trunk, while small by American standards, is big enough to fit Toto, so he can come too.


So, does $11,900 for this Figaro send you somewhere over the rainbow? Or, for that price, would you drop a house on it?

You decide!


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