"1980" Suzuki Cappuccino Roadster for a Diminutive $11,990!

Nice Price Or Crack PipeIs this used car a good deal? You decide!

Get ready to get small, and get your Kei car on. There's no need to hit Starbucks today, as Nice Price or Crack Pipe is bringing you some hot cappuccino!

Yesterday the Barracuda won the hearts and minds of a healthy 89% of you octane-addicted motorheads. Today, we've got something to consider that might just fit in the glovebox of that fastback Plymouth.


The keijidōsha is a class of car designed to skirt the tax, insurance, and proof of parking space regulations in Japan. To that end they are small- we're talking really small. If fact, any one of these cars is so tiny, you could barely fit the entire Republican caucus of Vermont in one!

One of those Kei cars is the Arabica bean-shaped Suzuki Cappuccino. Named after the diminutive, but highly potent coffee beverage, the little Suzuki attempts to capture the same moxie as that thimble-full of caffeine.

While the Kei cars were never intended to be sold here in the land of Lincolns and litigation, Japanese vehicle safety testing requirements have ensured a steady stream of them to Canada, as well as a ready market for new cars back home in the land of the rising sun.

This little coffee cup is rocking a turbo'd and intercooled 12-valve 657cc triple, and throws down its 100 ponies through a 5-speed stick to the rear tires. The 4-position top allows for either coupe-quiet rides, or pigeon target practice alfresco driving. The seller has applied a recent re-spray in arrest-me red, and has bolted on a set of "PURE" chrome trident wheels. Those wheels look like they might be more at home on the neighbor's Hyundai S-coupe than here, but may be your cup of tea; if your auto accessory shopping is confined to the Walmarts. All in all, with 50,000 miles on its clock, it's a righteous little roadster. And driving it might provide the same rush as a double shot of its namesake beverage, especially on the truck routes.


So, is $11,990 a Nice Price for this decades-old demitasse? Or is that price too highly caffeinated for your taste?

You decide!


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