UPDATE: Obama's New Cadillac Limo Officially Unveiled!
With a new president set to take the office, GM is working on a new version of "Cadillac One" for President-Elect Barack Obama — and it's a monster. According to our sources, the new President's state car may look like a stretched Cadillac DTS but is actually based on the GMC Topkick medium-duty truck platform underpinning Ironhide from Transformers. But instead of turning into an alien fighting machine, the Cadillac transforms into a portable bunker likely equipped with five-inch thick glass, cellphone-jamming equipment and blast-proof ceramics. Of course, this is all speculation as the Secret Service won't let anyone know the details of the system.

It's about time the Secret Service stepped up their game seeing as the current limo had a little bit of a break-down in Rome. Though Obama may want a million plug-in hybrids on the road by 2015, the likelihood is this über-heavy Caddy probably downs more fuel than a dozen Prius hybrids combined. What? Did you expect him to drive around in a K-Car? Drive slow, homey.

[Photo: EMMANUEL DUNAND/AFP/Getty Images, Source: Boston Globe]