Ironhide Spotted With Can-Am Spyder, Motorcycle

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More details regarding everyone's favorite movie sequel trickle in by the day. We know that filming is set to begin next week in the Philadelphia area and Ironhide, better known as the GMC Topkick, was spotted en route to the location for filming. The interesting item to note is what was being hauled along with Ironhide. A motorcycle was spotted in the bed of the truck as well as a Can-Am Spyder being hauled alongside. We could get all excited speculating about whether the motorcycle and Can-Am Spyder are miniature Transformers, but they're probably just props or stunt vehicles for the less robotic stars of Transformers 2. Click through for more details about the first shoot next week.


Rumors suggest that the first shoot next week will take place in Bethlehem, Penn., and the set is outfitted to look like a Chinese city. It will feature a new concept car not seen in the first movie as well as two Blackhawk helicopters. A car hauler was also seen around the set with two Saturns and five unidentified Chinese cop cars.

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Jeff Glucker

They are going to a MASK/Transformers crossover... The Can-Am is T-Bob:

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...push this rumor out...