When Transformers Attack!

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This image was lost some time after publication.

Everyone's got to have something different for the Woodward Dream Cruise. Whether it's customizing your classic car or having something entirely unique you've really got to bring your "A" game to really roll in the largest classic car event nobody's ever heard of in the world. Like the guy above who's brought out a GMC TopKick modded out to look like everyone's favorite Autobot weapons specialist, Ironhide. Or at least I thought it was just a modified GMC TopKick — until I happened to catch Mr. Transformer here as he tried to sneak up on me from behind, and snagged some shots of him in my side mirror just as I was trying to get into the left lane. All I've got to say is never cut in front of Ironhide when he's really in a hurry. Just sayin'...those laser burns are really difficult to buff out. Needless to say, I let him by. OK, now back to today's Woodward Dream Cruise coverage.


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@ninja in pajamas: @matsayz: Trust me guys, I know we know about it. Any red-blooded car guy knows about the Woodward Dream Cruise — I'm more making fun of the fact the mainstream media's got no clue that it exists.