Bush Limo Breaks Down In Rome, Bush Walks

Why yes, that IS the President of the United States of 'merica being forced to walk after his Cadillac DTS experiences a minor "engine issue" while in Rome this past weekend. We could make some kind of a joke about bullshit walking, but really, does the man deserve any more ridicule. I mean it Italian people, stop laughing at our President! Damn it, stop! Oh well, you know it's bad when I start feeling bad for the man. Just sayin'... oh, and it's at about 3:00 in he video when you should start watching.


[via Autoblog]

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Serolf Divad

Wow... I think we've just witnessed the day that the U.S. automotive industry dried up and died. It won't be long before the last vestiges of the domestic auto industry survive only as expensive curiosities for enthusiasts, like the Avanti Motor Company. Just wait 'till GM is dead, and the Corvette lives on as a specialist marque, the Corvette Motor Company, with a small manufacturing plant in Columbia South Carolina that sources its engines from Alfa Romeo and turns out 300 cars a year at $130,000.00 a piece. Meanwhile the Chery Mustang will be produced in China by the Chery Motor Company as a sporty model designed to compete with Honda's Civic Si.