Nice Price Or Crack PipeIs this used car a good deal? You decide!  

Like the precedent 2002, the E30 BMW is well loved for its simple shape and honest performance. However, about today's Nice Price or Crack Pipe 325i it can simply be said that its E36 transplant makes it honestly better.

Furrowed brows and lips pursed to a side ruled the day yesterday as everyone came to grips with the turbo LM7 RX7 and the opportunities for hoonage that lie within. It took a while, but eventually a consensus was reached and a full 68% of you went for the Crack and never looked back. That result was mostly based on the Craigslist ad for that stitched together amalgamate that could just as easily have read:

LOOK,,,,,,,Monster on a slab, Ran when slabbed, but needing parts to complete. Parts easily sourced. Would make good father-son project, or father project for a son. Lack of time forces sale, currently have too many projects (female monster, defending castle from angry mob, etc.) and need to let this one go. $7,500 or trade for working zombie or plague rats.

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As tempting as that modded RX7 was to the rest of you, I think we can all agree that it was rougher than a Mickey Rourke blow job, and most buyers of transplant patients would like to know that the job was, if not professionally done, at least competently so. Today's 1989 BMW 325i has also been the beneficiary of an engine transplant, however with this car's donor there was no need to match bloodtypes, and the end result looks as good as Jessica Biel in a tight dress.

This E30 325i originally had a 168-bhp 2.5-littre SOHC six under its hood, and behind that was a Getrag 260 5-speed – a winning combination in anybody's book. Well, maybe not everybody's because that drivetrain has been tossed like a salad from this 325i, and has been replaced with the 240+ bhp 2,999-cc S50 engine from an E36 M3, as well as an SMG 6-speed converted to full, joyous three pedal-dom. In order to put all those ponies to good use, the car has also received M3 suspension mods and Ground Control adjustable coil-overs. The diff has been treated to some M3 sexy time too, with a 4.10 LSD from that model to keep the traction on the tarmac, and the 17" Z3 sport wheels fitted to the car look like they were made for it.


Outside, this E30 has received a fresh coat of bronzitbeige, which is an awesome stealth color, and out back there's a subtle lip spoiler defining the trunk lid's edge.


The cockpit is awash with sensible ‘80s BMW design, ergonomics and huggy-bear sport seats. The rest of the interior is clean as a whistle, except for a tear on the squab of the back seat, which could be easily fixed, or not. Slip behind the suede wheel (no sweaty palms, please!) and you're faced with an M-sport alloy pedal set, and a silver and black shift lever for the six-cogger. It has a modern stereo in the dash, but with the six tenors under the hood, who cares about Lady Gaga?

So, it looks like one of the nicest E30 survivors around on the outside, and even a quick glance through the window doesn't give much away. But pop that hood and the cat's out of the bag. Fortunately this car's probably quick enough to chase down any errant felines, and get them re-bagged. Not only that but the conversion looks impeccable. There's no chicken wire and zip-tie shenanigans for whoever did the switch-a-roo, in fact it's just a K&N filter shy of looking factory. As everything is claimed to be refreshed or replaced, the mileage of this car is somewhat irrelevant. The mileage of the donor car, however, was 40K before it was left in an ice-filled bathtub at a motel off the jersey Turnpike. The seller (the same folks who had that sweet Westfield a couple of months back) say this one has about a grand on the clock since it left surgery. All in all its condition is somewhere between spankin' new and well cared for. Finally, the kicker is that, unlike yesterday's Mazdarbation, this car has already traversed the gauntlet of fire and is too legit to quit- it's even fully street legal in the Golden State!


All that work, and all the time and money sunk into making this one of the coolest Q-ships around, it must cost a fortune, right? Well, what do you think, is $16,995 a fortune? For some it may be, but the question is, for this car, is it? Sure, we've seen lots of real E30 M3s for lots less, and most of those cars have been to the moon and back. Those M3s also broadcast their intentions, making them the ones the teacher's always keeping her eye on, while this car's the quiet kid in back that never gets caught, but is secretly dealing in test answers on the sly.

What do you think, is $16,995 too much do-rey-me for this bay-em-vay? Or, for that price, is this a sleeper that'll keep you awake?


You decide!

Los Angeles Craigslist - although the car is in Sacramento, or go here if the ad disappears.


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