$100,000 Finds Out What Jesus Would Drive!

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What could possibly be better for your car-buying karma than getting your hands on the Popemobile? Why, a Mercedes Benz 260E owned by Jesus' grandson of course, and Nice Price or Crack Pipe is here to drive for your sins.

Today we have a 1990 Mercedes Benz 260E for a genuflection-worthy $100,000, which is claimed to currently be owned by none other than Jesus' grandson (90+ generations). The car is located in Hagatna Guam, but if the owner is who he says he is, driving across the Pacific may be a viable way to get the car home.


Now, a 158bhp 2.6 litre straight six powered Benz may not be the kind of ride you'd imagine a distant relative of the almighty might roll in, but, while Jesus may be your homeboy, who are we to question?

So; a solid car, an interesting history of ownership, and the added bonus of the vanity plate reading BRAIN, which is a conversation starter in itself. But what about that price? One hundred thousand American is a lot to ask for an E-Class without a trunk full of columbian. But you're not buying just the car, no, you also get a hand-written list of 180 reasons why the owner thinks he's the distant ancestor of Jesus the C. And despite the car being sold without an existing warranty, what better guarantee of durability than promise of transubstantiation of all parts through divine intervention?


You might have expected the king of kings to drive something a little more regal, like a Buick regal, or perhaps a Rolls Royce, but remember, he was but a simple carpenter, and likely would have shunned the Father, the Son and the Silver Ghost, had it been offered to him.

So, what do you say to $100K for a 260E with divine provenance? Is that a Nice Price to be closer to holiness without the burden of cleanliness? Or is that Crack Pipe of biblical proportions?


You decide!


eBay, or go here if the ad is risen on the third day. Hat tip to MissedApproachMN!

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