Did You Know That The Yugo Was Holy-Crap Levels Of Cheap?

The Yugo has been called a punchline. The worst car in history. Even a whale. But one thing that was no joke at all was its price – just $3,990 when it went on sale in 1987. In 2013 dollars, that's only $8202.89. Holy crap that's cheap. » 11/30/13 9:03am 11/30/13 9:03am

'It Looks Like The People Who Made The Yugo Really Put Effort Into It'

I have a story coming out early next week about a car with a surprising tie to Yugo, the infamous hatchback built in Serbia by Zastava and imported to the U.S. by entrepreneur and madman Malcolm Bricklin. Until then, here's MotorWeek's 1986 take on the car. » 6/13/13 5:30pm 6/13/13 5:30pm

Portlandia's Obvious Subaru Product Placement Is Obvious

When I first saw the above clip from IFC's "Ha Ha White People" comedy Portlandia I was certain it was product placement (Subaru confirmed this), even if the universe of Portlandia is the kind of place where almost everyone has a favorite Ethiopian restaurant and drives a Prius or a Subaru. It's just a little too… » 1/24/12 2:30pm 1/24/12 2:30pm

The Yugo: The Rise and Fall of the Worst Car in History by Jason Vuic

As author Jason Vuic points out in The Yugo's introduction, the Yugo wasn't really the worst car in history. How did it capture the role of Worst Car Ever in the mind of most Americans? This excellent book explains all!
» 3/20/10 7:00pm 3/20/10 7:00pm