The Classy As Hell Volvo XC90 Excellence Will Set You Back $105,895

The Volvo XC90 Excellence, the sort of vehicle which exists to convey you not just in luxury and style but taste, looks like the sort of thing Old Money people would get if they ever spent their Old Money on anything but private islands. It won’t cost old money prices, however, setting you back just $105,895 for the…

Volvo Is Designing the Autonomous Car That Could Eliminate All Traffic Deaths

As usual, traffic was apocalyptic on the 10 Freeway. So I cued up the Master of None episode I didn’t finish the night before, pulled out the Greek yogurt I hadn’t had time to eat for breakfast, reclined my seat way back, and relaxed. I may have even dozed off as my vehicle steered its way towards Santa Monica.

The Exquisite Interior Of The Volvo XC90 Excellence Will Melt Your Soul

A properly luxurious interior does a few things. It doesn’t just have soft leather, or deep carpets. It removes all the cares of the world outside. It relaxes you, and reminds you of the beauty within. Take one look at the massaging chairs and the beautifully grained wood of the Volvo XC90 Excellence, and…