What Do You Do Before A 320 MPH Top Fuel Run? Tear Down And Rebuild

This tear down and full rebuild of a hemi V8 burning full nitro looks insane to me, but it's standard procedure in Top Fuel drag racing, and just another part of your day running to 320 mph. » 12/05/14 10:06am 12/05/14 10:06am

Nothing Throws Up Rooster Tails Like 7,000 Horsepower On Dirt

Top Fuel Sand Drags is what they call it. 7,000 horsepower nitro-burning V8s hooked up to paddle tires throwing dirt for 300 feet is what it looks like. » 12/05/14 11:59am 12/05/14 11:59am

This Is Why Drag Racing Is Awesome

Eyeball-rattling grunt and cars launched by the hand of God: Drag racing is one of the most awe-inspiring things on wheels. Wired.com's Chuck Squatriglia recently took a closer look at Top Fuel racing — the pinnacle of the sport. —Ed. » 8/10/10 12:30pm 8/10/10 12:30pm

Eight Great Mustangs From Racing History

Like it or loathe it, the NASCAR Ford Mustang is part of a long history of Mustang racing. Here's a look at the most noteworthy examples of Mustang racing below. » 10/13/09 4:30pm 10/13/09 4:30pm

NHRA Shortens Track After Fatal Crash, No Longer 1/4-Mile

As an interim safety measure in the wake of Scott Kalitta's fatal crash, the NHRA has decided to shorten the length of the race in the Funny Car and Top Fuel classes from 1320 feet down to 1000 feet. This comes as part of an effort to reduce speeds; plus, with the shortened racing distance, the drivers are left with… » 7/03/08 11:00am 7/03/08 11:00am

Scott Kalitta, NHRA Champion, Killed In Qualifying Incident

UPDATE: We've now posted the Scott Kalitta crash video. Funny Car driver and two-time Top Fuel champion Scott Kalitta died after injuries sustained in a fiery crash during the final round of qualifying of the Lucas Oil NHRA SuperNationals at Old Bridge Township Raceway park saturday. According to reports, his Toyota… » 6/21/08 11:01pm 6/21/08 11:01pm

Ford and NHRA Create Black Blue Boxes For Nitro Cars

There's an old Chris Rock joke that goes "How come every time an airplane crashes, all they can ever find is the black box. Why don't they just make the whole plane out of the black box?" That's all a setup for this story about Ford and NHRA teaming up to provide Blue Box sensors for all dragsters in the Top Fuel and… » 12/11/07 6:00pm 12/11/07 6:00pm

OK Then: What About Drag Racing?

You all had such strong reactions to our little NASCAR query that we're going to keep it going. So, for those of you who bitched and moaned about, "turn left, turn left, turn left, turn left," here's a motorized endeavor that features no turning whatsoever. Just machines barreling straight down a quarter mile runaway.… » 11/28/07 11:30am 11/28/07 11:30am

SEMA 2007: Ford Boss 500 to Burn Nitro

Ford and Force Racing unveiled the first new entry into the nitro burning hemi engine field in modern times. The crew developed the engine using space age analytical tools, beefing up the main bearing journals and surrounding webbing to help keep the crank and pistons from windowing the blue anodized block. Force… » 10/30/07 4:30pm 10/30/07 4:30pm

Top Fuel General Lee Gets Airborne: Clay "Bo" Millican Just Fine After…

The blowover: One of the most absolutely spectacular ways to crash a vehicle. We once heard from a vintage Can-Am car owner about an incident involving legendary racers George Follmer and Denny Hulme. Hulme's car (presumably a McLaren) got light in the front while Follmer was following him and pitched up in the air.… » 7/19/05 11:32am 7/19/05 11:32am