More power doesn’t always make shredding tires easier.

I’ve done donuts in all kinds of reasonably-powered cars, from the new 155hp Miata to a 200-ish horsepower BMW E30 M3 to a 300-odd horsepower Nissan 240SX.


But when you stick an 8,000 horsepower Top Fuel engine in the front of your rear-drive old Holden, things get somewhat, uh difficult.

Look at how binary this experience is for Peter & Debbie Gray and their HK Holden running an ex-Top Fuel engine, as YouTube uploader Flinty460 notes. Apparently the car snapped a front spindle its first time doing an Aussie burnout.

A later outing looked little easier.

Things do look a bit more controlled when an engine like this is in a genuine Top Fuel chassis.

But still, more power doesn’t always equal more control. Just more awesome.

Via Bangshift

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