OK: Is NASCAR a Sport?

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Just letting you know that you all got yesterday's QOTD wrong, sorta. Drifting is not a sport because the crowds are completely sober. Typically, I'm genetically predisposed to flee for my life from any gathering of motorsport fans. Drifting on the other hand, seems to attract tomorrow's doctors, software programmers and accountants, all of whom are hopped up out of their minds on energy drinks. We did spot a lone vendor hawking booze, and their was never a line. Though, the line for kinda salty, kinda sweet Kettle Korn was wrapped around the paddock.

Many complained bitterly yesterday that the subjective act of drifting can't be considered a sport because it is more of an exhibition of driver skill than actual racing. Well, what about NASCAR? The pre-race shenanigans are approaching Hogan vs. Macho Man levels, while the constant stream of yellow flags lets the officials control (to a certain degree) the outcome. And the rolling billboards cars? Pass. That said, having ridden in a NASCAR flogged at white knuckle speeds by a Zen master driver, I'm forced to conclude that like NASCAR (like drifting) is absolutely a sport. You?


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NASCAR is not a sport, it is some sort of entertainment like professional wrestling. Given the fact that spending several hours watching NYCDOT traffic cameras is more interesting. We are amazed that NASCAR is popular. However, given the popularity of the similar professional wrestling and the similar target demographics, it isn't much of a stretch. There are many parallels if you examine both forms of entertainment, although professional wrestling doesn't seem to run over time and piss you off that the news isn't on since there are people who can't drive around in circles properly.

Where is the sport of going round in circles for hours?

It isn't there and is probably why it is likely scripted up the wazoo just like professional wrestling.