Is Drifting a Sport?

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A can of worms done got opened up yesterday when we posted about Team Orange winning the Saturday night event at this year's D1 Grand Prix. Lots of you, many more than I would of thought, totally ripped drifting a new one. The driving technique was compared to monster trucking, professional wrestling and synchronized swimming. Sorting through the hatred, it was pointed out that unlike other forms of motor sport, drifters are not going against the clock. Therefore the practice is not a race, but a performance that is judged subjectively. We don't agree, but a fair point is a fair point. Rather than totally tipping our hand, we'll just leave you with a quote from Keiichi Tsuchiya aka Drift King (who, in addition to developing drifting finished 2nd at LeMans in 1999), "I drift not because it is a quicker way around a corner, but the most exciting way."


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Whatever you guys say, it won't change the fact that I'll be at the track this weekend, hooning the tires off my car while "figure skating."

While I do agree that most of the marketing involving drifting is aimed at the "idiocracy" demographic, there are too many assumptions about drifting being made without proper research.

Drifters "hobble" their cars performance and handling to do tricks?


The amount of work and parts I've put into my own drift car can make it accelerate, corner, and brake on par with cars in other forms of motorsport like SCCA, etc.

All we car about is making our cars look pretty with nice paint and flashy body kits?

You forgot sweet wheel fitment too.

Sure many drift cars look like show cars, but that's only half of it, they have to perform too.

When was the last time you saw an HIN car that was corner-balanced and dyno-tuned?

I enjoy watching other motorsports as much as the rest of you (save maybe for nascar).

I'd just rather be drifting Horsethief mile at Willow Springs, instead of drinking a beer and watching Speed channel on my weekends.