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The blowover: One of the most absolutely spectacular ways to crash a vehicle. We once heard from a vintage Can-Am car owner about an incident involving legendary racers George Follmer and Denny Hulme. Hulme's car (presumably a McLaren) got light in the front while Follmer was following him and pitched up in the air. Follmer, faced with three choices, could either brake, keep going as he was, or hammer it and try to sneak underneath Hulme's flying racer. He hammered it, scooting underneath Hulme and gaining a position. Both men survived, largely thanks to Follmer's cojones. While IHRA Fuel pilot Clay Millican's blowover last weekend in Milan, MI, at the Dukes of Hazzard Motor City Nationals, only involved his own car (General Lee-themed, we might add), it's amazing to watch. What's more, Millican was uninjured in the wreck, which occured at over 200 MPH. This Julie Sword photo captures the drama perfectly. For more, click on, good buddies.

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