This Mustang Racer is a Car Guy's Mustang Guy

The Fox Body Mustang GT is a prolific platform for drag racers, but it's work more than numbers that make Michael Murphy's white 302 coupe something special. To see such a thoroughly understood vehicle - I have no doubt that Murphy has at one point or another addressed every component in the vehicle - and talk with… » 11/27/13 10:48am 11/27/13 10:48am

Jeremy Clarkson and Richard Hammond lost their licenses

It seems Jezza and Hamster had an argument with the French police over their driving privileges. While filming for their newest Top Gear DVD, they were travelling on a French highway at just over 140 km/h (the regular speed limit would be 130km/h) but failed to notice a section of the road was limited to 90km/h. » 11/15/13 10:06am 11/15/13 10:06am

A steady hand and a good eye...

A comment I get a lot in regards to my welding....I "must have both." The truth is, I've got neither. I'm legally blind in my left eye, I'm near sighted, and I've got horrible double vision. The more I wear glasses, the quicker the sight goes I don't often put them on. I've thought about laser… » 8/01/13 2:43pm 8/01/13 2:43pm

2014 Chevrolet Camaro: This Is Video Of Its Reveal

Here's video, courtesy of camaro5, of the 2014 Camaro that was revealed this morning (I posted pics from the episode earlier today). In addition, the 2014 Jaguar F-type (which some people apparently can't see out of), 2014 VW GTI and 2014 C7 Stingray 'vert were on the show as well since it was about NYIAS cars in… » 3/26/13 5:20pm 3/26/13 5:20pm

“Mission Impossible: 4” lands an impossible BMW

The "Mission Impossible: 4" sequel filming in Vancouver with Tom Cruise and Simon Pegg will include the screen debut of the BMW Vision EfficientDynamics concept, caught here uncovered by a e90post forum member. Someone did seem well-prepped for the reasonably-priced car segment on last night's "Top Gear."Thanks Declan! » 2/14/11 10:30am 2/14/11 10:30am