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Are You An Uber Driver? Send Us Your Flat Surge Fare Screenshots

Illustration for article titled Are You An Uber Driver? Send Us Your Flat Surge Fare Screenshots
Photo: Associated Press

Over the last few weeks, we’ve been hearing from an increasing number of Uber drivers that changes to the surge price model have impacted their take-home pay. In particular, my article about whether Uber is engaged in price-fixing prompted many drivers to write in with their frustrations, saying that not only are they unable to determine the price of the ride, but are also losing leverage when it comes to surge pricing.


We want to learn more.

If you drive for Uber, send us screenshots of your recent flat surge fares. We’re interested in the pricing information, not the location data or any other personally identifying features. If you choose to black out or crop the location information before sending, that’s fine, but please just let us know which city/market you’re in. In any event, we will ensure your anonymity on our end as well.


You can send the screenshots to me directly at or via Signal and WhatsApp at 646-402-3693.

Former Senior Reporter, Investigations & Technology, Jalopnik

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They should also forward their resumes so that you guys can help them find a better place of employment since you’re all so concerned about the drivers.