Your Sirius XM Radio Is Working For Free Right Now

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Your new (or newish!) car might have come equipped with a Sirius XM radio, but if you’re like me you weren’t about to cough up ten bucks a month to keep it running... so that button’s just been dead, taunting you. Well it works again, for free, ‘til June 2015!

...Yeah. I just realized that’s next week already, but if you’re taking a long drive this weekend and your car stereo has a long-dormant XM button, now’s the perfect chance to try it out! Seems to unlock almost all of the channels, but I’ll give you one more pro tip today: you only need Channel 39.

Obviously it’s a promotional scheme to get you hooked into how awesome satellite radio is so you’ll start paying for it. I don’t care if you do that or not... unless Sirius wants to kick me a free subscription to shill? Eh? Nevermind, do whatever you want.


I only figured this out because I got so bored listening to static on the regular waves ‘round here that I switched to the “XM Preview” station in the hopes that they were playing some terrible pop song I like. Then I heard “all stations are working gratis ‘til June 1!” So, you’re welcome!

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Okay folks. Name your 6 SiriusXM presets.

1: Lithium
2: Pearl Jam Radio
3: Chill
4: Jam On
5: Grateful Dead Radio
6: Utopia