Qatar Junkyard A Treasure Trove Of Automotive Oddities

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Out hunting for parts for his '77 Daihatsu F20, reader Rashid stumbled across some very interesting automobiles in his local scrapyard in Doha, Qatar. Pretty much the last place on Earth you'd expect to find a lifted Cadillac. Gallery below.

Dear Jalopnik,

I went to the local scrap yard the other day to look for parts to restore my 1977 Daihatsu F20, and I found these amazing autos just lying there unappreciated!

I had to send send you the pics, the cars are truly spectacular!


Rashid Al-Mohannadi,
Long time reader, first time contributor

Very cool Rashid, and thanks for the images. We spy an Audi 80, a Hummer H1, a tragically burnt Bentley with a mechanically intact engine begging for a new home and other goodies. Both the doorless, lifted Cadillac DeVille and that high-rise intake wearing Camaro are just begging for some serious desert hoonery.